Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Tree - 2011

Growing up, my family tree was always decorated with tons of colourful sparkling lights and ornaments collected and saved for ages. Even today, my parents still trim their tree with those vintage lights and ornaments, and I love being there every year to help adorn the branches of the real tree my father, brother, B and myself venture out to cut down. However, growing up with this sentimental mish mash of ornaments of lights has always had me craving a beautifully planned out tree, and since I was about 18, I'd been collecting my own ornaments in blues, whites and silvers - that now make up the tree that stands in our living room.

*Insert big photo of tree

I love me a real tree, and I'm glad I can still get my fill when we visit my parents. (We also have plans to incorporate a real tree into our Christmas traditions starting next year). For now, we're happy with our Home Depot purchased artificial tree... and a Yankee candle that smells of balsam. 

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