Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's That Season!

GARAGE SALE SEASONS! This past Sunday was absolutely glorious weather here in Toronto. By 8am, I was wide awake and itching to get up and enjoy the sunshine! B was up shortly after me as I attempted making breakfast in the kitchen. After a quick bite to eat and cleaning up, we were dressed and out the door to try and hit any garage sales that may be on. We lucked out at one in particular, picking up the following...

As soon as I saw this round coffee table, I KNEW it had to come home with us. I've been looking for the right one for some time now for our living room, to break up the lines of the space. It looks like someone tried their hand at refinishing it before, as it's not too pretty looking at the moment...



B and I figure we'll give it a sand down and see what kind of shape the wood is in (yes... it's solid wood!). If it's in good shape, we'll stain it. If not, paint will be the answer. For $7, we just couldn't walk away from it!

At the same sale, B spotted this light fixture before I did...


We both loved the pearlized finish to the glass. Originally, I considered it going in the area of our living room close to the staircase. However, when we got home and I walked past the peanut's nursery, I could completely see it living in there (which is awesome as I've been hoping to replace the current light fixture in her room). For $2, not too bad. I hope to spruce it up with some paint before we hang it.

One more item came home from that sale for a whole $3...


My parents had one just like this for us when we were kids, so when B pulled it out and suggested we bring it home for our peanut I was all on board. Can't wait to bundle her up in it and enjoy the winter months.

We hit one more sale before coming home where we picked up five footed sleepers and two little hats for the peanut (really cute ones, and everything this lady was selling was in fabulous condition. The little sleepers smelt like they were straight outta the dryer, so I wasn't hesitant at all to bring them home).

For a grand total of $17, we feel we got some pretty great deals on Sunday. Have you gone out to hit up and garage sales recently? Have you been finding anything good?

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  1. Great finds for a ridiculously great price! I absolutely love garage sales but have to drag Ry / beg him to drive me around haha. When i lived in Waterdown I would just open the paper and see the advertised sales; What is the best way to find garage sales in the city?

    Weird! It won't let me comment as myself hmm.
    - Chanele@designblissinc.com

  2. Sweet finds, girl!! I love garage sales! (:

  3. Ah I love hitting up the great garage sales, love your finds:)

  4. Love garage sale season! There was one in our neighbourhood last weekend and my mom bought a good sized tin with the Hudson's Bay stripes on it for 25 cents!

  5. oh man, those are some great finds! that light is perfect for the peanut's room!

  6. Fantastic! I love garage sales and can't read enough about other people's fabulous finds (my husband calls it garage sale porn...) ;p


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