Friday, June 24, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

Happy Friday! What a week it's been over here... there was even a moment on Monday when we thought our little peanut was ready to join us. Turns out - she's staying put for the time being. This week I was inspired by SO MUCH in blogland... so sit back and enjoy! I have lots of fancy finds to share on this fine Friday...

I was beyond thrilled when Barbara shared a how-to for a fully functional Roman blind last Friday! As I mentioned previously, I'd like to have one in our front entrance, but hadn't really made much of an effort to find instructions on how to make one. I know I won't have a ton of time to tackle this once the Peanut arrives... but maybe it's a project my Mom can help me with? (Hey Mom... I promise I will actually help with this one haha).

via hodge:podge

Normally I'm a little claustrophobic and hate when a room feels too crowded. However, this small space for kids on ohdeedoh is so lovely, I may be able to look past the cramped quarters (after all... if it's for kids, I wouldn't be the one sleeping there). I can imagine three little girls having a fun and giggly sleepover in this pretty space...

via ohdeedoh

How beautiful and soft is this map that Brittany shared on her blog last weekend? I have the travel bug, and therefore love using maps as home decor (even though we have approximately zero in our own home!). I think this one would make a fabulous addition...

via Gallery No Eight

A pretty idea for outdoor summer entertaining, straight from Ritzy Bee. 

via ritzy bee blog

What I wouldn't give to have a summer escape of my own, like this one that was featured on 79 ideas this weekv (take note of the map - probably part of the reason I love this space so much haha!)...

via 79 ideas

I was thrilled to finally get a good look at Rhiannon's finished office when Jen shared it over on Made by Girl earlier this week. Isn't it the perfect girl cave? 

Hey Gorg via Made by Girl

I would've loved to have had an indoor treehouse like this one, from ohdeedoh, when I was a child! Maybe it's something B and I can make for our little Peanut... one day!?

via ohdeedoh 

It's official, after seeing this post on Sugar and Charm  on Wednesday, I want... no NEED, an ebelskiver pan (you can buy me one here!). Seriously...

via sugar and charm

ANOTHER cute find from ohdeedoh - this "Mustache or Bows" party! What a great way to reveal the gender of your bundle to be with family and friends! Love this idea.

via ohdeedoh

For those of you who may have missed this weeks "Nursery Week" here's a run down of what I shared...

Monday: Some Tiny Treasures that we picked up and added to the nursery
Tuesday: B put up a new light fixture and some floating shelves for our little Peanut
Wednesday: B also refinished an old nightstand we had to add some extra storage to the nursery
Thursday: My wonderful Dad built some pretty little bookshelves for our little girl and I ADORE them!

We've been working on organizing and adding a few other things to the room as well, so I may be ready to share a nursery tour some time next week!

What lovely things do you have planned for this weekend? We'd like to try and take it easy for the most part, but I'll also be attending the Canadian Design Blogger meetup tomorrow, and i'm so looking forward to seeing a bunch of familiar faces, as well as meeting some of my new blogging buddies. Those ladies have been working hard to plan what looks like will be a fantastic time. If you're going I'll see you there! You'll recognize me right away... I'm the small blonde one with a giant prego belly! Make sure you say "hi"! I'll be back on Monday with a little recap of our evening! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I also loved that triple bed room on ohdeedoh! I will definitely be keeping it in mind when we have to redecorate our twin's room when they are bigger. Happy Weekend!

  2. Thanks for the mention! If you do end up making blinds let me know -I would love to see them. Love the triple bed room! The room is perfect!
    Also have fun at the meet-up!

  3. The wear your guess is adorable! Love those three beds near each other. Such a great idea!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. so i love that indoor treehouse--how cute! hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I also loved the map that Brittany shared! It's beautiful!! Lots of great ideas!

  6. Barbara from hodge:podge sent me over :-) Love your features this Friday, especially Brittany's fantastic map! Sounds like you're having fun nesting... congrats on your pending arrival!

  7. Wear Your Guess! That is so perfect :) I need to remember this awesomeness for sure!! Thanks for the sweet shout out beauty!! Happy Weekend xo

  8. Oh I'm just overloaded with inspiration. I love that map. Good luck with this babe of yours. Hope she comes soon for you!

  9. Oh wow you are SO RIGHT about that bedroom -It is definitely crowded, but it's so beautifully appointed that you look past it in an instant! Loved this post!!

    xox Linda


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