Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guest Post - 8 Curb Appeal Ideas

Today's post comes from Arcadian Lighting. I was so thankful when they asked to do a little guest post on 8 ways to up your curb appeal. Lately things have been a little nuts prepping for baby and i'm definitely starting to feel the end of pregnancy exhaustion, so it was nice to have someone step in for a day and do the work for me!

Curb appeal is an important aspect of home decor - it creates that first impression for visitors before they enter the home and it really sets a tone. Whether the curb appeal is accentuated by light fixtures, greenery or even seasonal accents, a little can go a long way. Here are 8 ideas to really "up" the style and provide curb appeal for a home.

Red Door

From My Front Porch To Yours (via)

Nothing says "welcome" like a bright red door - it is both cheery and inviting. Add a great doorknocker and a traditional pendant light or hanging lantern to highlight this bold statement.

Seasonal Delights

Sense-sational Living (via)

No matter the season or holiday, there's always a way to incorporate it into exterior decor -- like a theme-appropriate wreath, whimsical characters or twinkly lights.

Welcome Seat

Oakton House and Gardens (via)

The front of a home always looks more attractive when there's seating on the porch. Depending on the style of the home, Adirondack chairs, chaise lounges and rocking chairs can all look warm and welcoming.

Swingin' Style

Garden Swing Bench (via)

Everyone wants a turn on a swinging bench! Incorporated into a residential terrace, this simple detail adds loads of character to a house.

Bright Blooms

Viva Veracruz & Viva Puerto Escondido (via)

What's more appealing than blooms in exotic colors? Flowering bushes and trees, planted in pots or window boxes, there's no shortage of varieties to choose from to enhance curb appeal.

Tasteful Topiaries

Boxwoods (via)

Curvy and geometric topiaries are a modern way to create a chic look outside of a home. When paired with more conventional greenery, this look works for any residence. Make sure to use outdoor lighting to highlight the beautiful greenery.


Doors Sliding (via)

Shed some light on curb appeal with a range of different exterior light fixture options, like pot lights, deck lights and even outdoor wall sconces.

Delightful Decor

Home stories A2Z (via)

Why stop at decorating the interior of a home? There are endless outdoor accoutrements that can completely transform curb appeal, such as outdoor cushions, chandeliers and end tables.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

Thanks again to Arcadian Lighting for popping in for a visit and providing us with some pretty curb appeal inspiration! I'll be back tomorrow with some more updates on Peanut's nursery... we're still working away over here!


  1. great suggestions! i am never quite happy enough with my curb appeal...it just needs some ooph. in my head, there's plans. S isn't really in on them aside from eye rolling and yessing me til i stop. oh well, for now...

  2. I would love to update the front of our house with up lighting, but I'm too cheap to pay an electrician! ha

  3. Looks Great! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to guest write for you.

    Kenny and the Arcadian Lighting team


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