Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little Break...

Happy Monday! What a great weekend I had. Lots of downtime with B, a heavenly pedicure on Saturday morning, a fabulous evening with blogger friends and a whole lotta nesting going on! 

I initially intended on putting up a post today recapping the fabulous blogger evening that happened here in Toronto on Saturday night... but I never got around to writing anything worthy of what went down. I spent most of Sunday hanging out with B enjoying some "us time", and scrubbing the house (I couldn't help it). I promise to have a post up tomorrow... but for today, I'm just going to take a little break.


(I do wish that, that was where I was taking a break) What lovely things did you all get up to this weekend? Time with family and friends? Some fun projects? Anyone attend the blogger meet up here in Toronto that I didn't get a chance to chat with? Would love to hear from you and what you thought of the event! 


  1. i was suppose to clean for my upciming tiki party - but that never happend - what happened was HOMEGOODS - get's me all thwe time!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika@ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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  2. definitely a family weekend for me. i saw a musical, and the lead female was awful! i need to look into this, b/c she was the tony award winner for this role! how could she sound like that? needless to say, i left not completely thrilled.

    and ps-that beach looks right up my alley!

  3. Hi Kerry I bet the Blog Event was so great! It was a relaxing weekend though!

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  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! nothing like a little party mixed with a lot of relaxing.


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