Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Something's Gotta Change!

One idea that B and I have been bouncing around as of late, is replacing our current kitchen table, with a round table. We love that we have a large table with a leaf that can accommodate a fair number of guests, especially when holidays roll around. However, we are not fans of always having our table shoved into the corner of the room...

Summer 2010
{Summer 2010}

Unfortunately, with the layout of our kitchen being the way that it is, this corner is the only location for a table that really works. Between the back door and our giant wall of cupboards, we need a solution to make the "table corner" make more sense. So, after some consideration and inspiration hunting, I've decided that I like the idea of getting a round table and adding some banquette seating along the back wall (where our chairs are squished in, in the photo) to at least make having our table in the corner of the room make more sense.

We figure we'd keep the larger table and leaf stored in the garage for when we need it. I know that sounds a little crazy, but we figure one day we'll have a larger home that will require a large dining table. This was my grandmother's that B refinished so lovingly, and it's a great solid piece that we never had to pay for. Why would we get rid of it? But of course, if we plan on replacing it, we need some ideas of what we'd do with a round table. So I've been looking for some inspiration online...

white kitchen round table via homindes

Love the white kitchen and dark floors... and what I assume are double doors! If only our kitchen was actually this large!
ihbreakfastroom_coastalliving via homindes

This one sticks with what we know. We'd probably keep the chairs we are currently using, and could always get a nice solid pedestal table and stain it the same glossy black we used on my grandmother's piece. Definitely an option! Also, a big fan of the display shelf above the windows - so many options on what we could place up there.


What is there to not love about this one? The combo of the dark base and light top is lovely, and I've always dreamed of finding a way to incorporate a banquette into our kitchen... especially if it means adding some extra storage underneath!

via veranda

Adore this kitchen from Barbara Barry featured in Veranda. All of that white, with the dark counters, table and chair. Definitely something to consider! Just not sure I would want a base as thick as that in our space...

via flourish design style

Have always loved this space. The seating bench, the Cole & Son wallpaper, the window casings, the light fixture. LOVE! Of course... I also love the round table, which proves to me leaving one the natural wood shade may work for us (depending on what we decide to do with the flooring down the road...)

We're on the hunt for the right table at the right price at the moment. Something that is in good condition and a solid piece that won't take up too much space in our kitchen! It will be nice to have something that can easily accomodate the high chair that may eventually move into the space. We'll see how it looks once the right table comes into our life.

What do you think about round tables in eat-in kitchens? Do you think we'd be best to leave it natural, or go with a more casual white table for our family meals? Would love to hear what you think!


  1. I liked the striped red table. Its round, functional and beautiful! It think its the cutest option.

  2. I have a round table in my kitchen and I love it. Would work in many spaces. Ours is a tulip table with a white marble top, but I love natural wood as well. Round tables seem to fit more people without taking up as much space as a rectangular piece.

  3. Yup!! I agree a round table will fit your space so much better, the bankette seating will look nice! We have a small eat in kitchen too - with a round table and lately I've been thinking about built in seating that will allow for more seating etc. and make our small dining room look larger

  4. i love love love banquettes! i wish we could make one work in our kitchen, and with the round table it's perfect. yay, can't wait to see what you guys do!

  5. I love round tables! I think either natural or white would be fab!

  6. I think a built-in will be perfect there, Kerry!

  7. I think it will look fantastic! And round tables are good for adapting to different number of guests too. You should definitely keep your grandma's table safe and sound - I'm sure you will use it in the future. If you want recommendations for table places let me know - we got ours at a mennonite shop north of the city and it's a really solid piece.

  8. We're switching from a rectangular to a circle one day too! Always looking for that "perfect" table!

  9. I love banquette seating!!! The round pedestal table would look wonderful in your space too.


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