Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dream Home - Movin' to Mauritius

Tuesday afternoon... which for me, is a time to dream. Tuesday is that day that isn't Monday, so you can't really dislike it as much, and it's not quite the middle of the week. It's just that day of the week that I'm never to sure how to feel about. That's why I always give myself a little dream getaway every Tuesday afternoon - quite perfect, don't you agree?

This afternoon we'll be escaping to a luxury villa on Mauritius Island, just off the coast of Madagascar. The villa itself is located inside the luxury resort of ANAHITA, but if you were to purchase this lovely home - it'd be all yours on a freehold basis. To find out more about, you can check out the listing over at Sotheby's Realty.

To really get you interested in this home, I'll first give you a look at an aerial shot that is included with the listing...


Yeah... check out the colour of that water. Mentally... I'm already there... probably right in this exact spot...


Okay... enough. Yes, the island is beautiful... but so is the house. So let's take a look...




How about that roof top patio... or the pool deck? I could spend all day alternating between those two spots and be quite content! Once I had enough of the sun (if that was ever possible), I'd retire to the exotic covered patio...

outdoor patio1

Or, if I really wanted to escape the sun... head on inside to the light and airy interior...


You still have a fantastic view out to the pool...


The bedrooms look just as cool and relaxing. Exactly what you'd want in a place with warm temperatures like this... just a place to escape to.



The bathroom... in my opinion, is simple but still beautiful. Well done - you never want too much in a place where the location and exterior of the home are the main appeal...


I'm so loving those huge mirrors! Great way to emphasize the height of the ceilings!

There's a lot more beauty to check out - including some really great aerials of the island over at the complete listing - so check it out. Is this your kind of island retreat - or do you dream of something complete different?


  1. I have a coworker whose parents' own a similar piece of property. Believe it or not, they were trying to sell a little while ago because they were going a little squirrely during the 6 months they would spend there. Beaches for miles and nothing close enough for a getaway from their getaway.

    I thought they were crazy for trying to sell. But then, I've never lived on a remote island before. (I believe they have since warmed up to it and took the place off the market.)

  2. All I have to say is oh la la!!

  3. Amazing! I could move in any day!


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