Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little Additions

Nope... not that little addition. She's still tucked away inside of my belly (good thing too, as today is my last day of work before maternity leave starts!). Instead, today I wanted to share with you a couple of small things we added to Peanut's gallery wall in her nursery.

The other week I shared with you what we started with, and it wasn't too much.

Nursery Artwork

So the other weekend, when my parents came by the dropped off a couple little wooden plaques for B and I to fill up some of the empty space.

Nursery Gallery Wall

You have to love what early morning light can do to a photo... no matter how much you play with you camera settings. Anyway - these cute little puppy dog plaques once resided in my father's nursery! Yup - these little cuties have some history in my family as they were made for my Dad by his grandfather. It makes me so happy that our little Peanut has something in her nursery that was made by her Great Great Grandfather. 

Nursery Gallery WallNursery Gallery Wall

Nursery Gallery Wall

We also have something to fill that giant gap in the top right corner, we just need to find the right way to hang it (our last attempt failed). I may also play around with the positioning of some of the other items (that hoop can definitely move over to the right a little).

Do you have anything in your home that has been passed on through generations?


  1. My mom recently gave me my old baby booties...they are a soft patent sweet!

  2. Cute!! I have a crystal door know from my grandparents house (the house my mom grew up in)... I just love it.

  3. Those plaques are so cute and so sweet that they've been passed down- I have similar little girl and boy prayer plaques (now I lay me down to sleep ones) from my grandmother that I treasure too:)

  4. It's starting to fill up! Those plaques are adorable, and even better that they hold so much meaning.
    The only thing that I can think of that was passed down was two Raggedy Anne & Andy stuffed dolls...

  5. Love the vintage plaques! Such a sweet touch to the room.

    My mom has these plastic disney wall figurines from her nursery that she put up near her crib area at her place. I'm still amazed the plastic has held up all these years!

  6. What a lovely addition! I have two pieces from my granny on display in my how, a yellow Carlton Ware vase and an art deco jewelry box.

  7. Those vintage plaques are fantastic!


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