Monday, May 9, 2011

The Nursery - Chair Found

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend, and that all of you Mom's got the recognition that you deserve! We had a pretty relaxing Saturday, including a little visit with some good friends and our godson. Here he is cuddling with his Mama while the three of us watched the men have a go at batting practice.


Sunday we got to spend time with family, including a delicious brunch at my brother and his fiance's place with some of the wedding party. After eating, the ladies worked on the wedding invites, and I have my favourite element of it to share with you later this week. For now, I have a little more nursery progress to share.

Last Wednesday evening the chair for the nursery arrived... when my parents came by the house. Yes, the chair that we finally decided on for the nursery is a chair that my parents already had. It's the same chair that my Mom had in my nursery when I was a baby.

It's a beautiful white wicker chair that is more perfect than I ever could've imagined for our little peanut's nursery. What makes it so perfect is the scale. (Please disregard the quality of the photos... with such a busy weekend, I didn't find time to snap any pictures in the sunlight.)


It's the perfect size for the small-ish sized room, and the white works, allowing me to spruce it up with a fun toss pillow and probably some blankets as well. Speaking of fun toss pillows, I picked up this pretty little piece the same day that the area rug came home with me from HomeSense. 

Toss Pillow

I honestly didn't even realize that there was a Mama bird feeding a baby bird until B got home that night and we were laying out the area rug. How much more perfect could this lovely pillow be? Oh, and Babar has also finally found his home in the room, directly in front of the chair...


(How awful does the rug look in that last photo? B mentioned it looks like an ugly 70's shag rug... and he's so right! I promise it's a lot more beautiful in person!). So, a little more progress. The curtains are coming along care of my wonderful Mama, so I should have those to share by next week. And for those of you on bump watch... baby is quickly running out of space. Hard to believe we still have 9.5 more weeks before her due date...

The Bump

Can I honestly get bigger? So hard to believe! 

What did you get up to this past weekend??



  1. I like the pillow... and I dont think the carpet looks bad at all!

  2. Ohhh look at you!!! So cute!
    I love the chair! And that pillow matches the area rug perfectly! Great to see Babar has found a home too!

    Didn't do too much this past weekend... Went to my BFF's son's 1st Birthday party... took my nephew with me (since Amanda is in Jamaica on her honeymoon right now)... Ran outside... Drank some wine... that's about it! lol

  3. Oh my goodness, you look sooooooooooo good!! By that time, not only was my stomach a blimp, but the rest of my body was too! Ha ha!

    The chair you chose is so perfect...and it gets extra points for sentimental value. And I didn't realize how big Babar was! It's going to be so nice to lounge on the chair and put your feet up!

  4. Awww, baby girl has grown!! You look fantastic, Kerry!! I am still amazed at how much skin can stretch! So crazy.

    The chair looks great, especially with that cute little pillow. I love how it has a mama and a baby bird :) You must be getting sooo excited!

  5. Girly, you look fantastic!! Your belly is darling:) love that pillow and chair!

  6. This post is full of adorableness but the most adorable is your belly!! You're so tiny!

  7. Aw! Girl you're so adorable (: And I love the chair! It's perfect with the pillow!!

  8. First off and most importantly, you look AMAZING- positively glowing and not huge at all- you're all belly!! Next, her room is looking adorable- love the rug, love the pillow and love your whicker chair- so charming!

  9. You look incredible! And I think that Babar is the cutest thing I ever saw! Great find on that chair:)

  10. You look fabulous! All baby, nothing else - it looks like peanut has a comfy home over there.

  11. The nursery is looking great! (And so are you!)

  12. Chair is looking owsome and it really a nice work........thanks for sharing

  13. I absolutely adore this nursery! The color combo is so unique and fresh. Did you make the elephant in front of the wicker chair?! I would love to know how you made it or where you bought it!


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