Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dressing It Up

Progress has been a little slow on the nursery with all of the other things we've had going on recently. However, over the last week we got back down to business and made a few more additions to the space.

One thing I was so excited to finally get into the space were the curtains. I knew that by getting those up, it would instantly make the room feel that much more finished. Isn't it great that the right window treatment can do that?

In the spirit of trying to work on a budget, we decided to work with what we had. When we moved into the home we were left with a few simple white curtain panels. They did the trick, but we knew we'd eventually have to do something with them to spruce them up a little (at least I did).

In the upstairs rooms they were far too long, and downstairs far too short. One pair was also tabbed which made it hang and swag along the top in an extremely unattractive manner on our living room window. I decided that those tabbed curtains would be the ones we'd wash and move into the nursery... but first they were to undergo a bit of a makeover using the fabric I had purchased quite a while back.

I wish I had a more detailed "how-to" for you, but my fabulous Mom is the brains behind this operation. My basic knowledge is that she removed the original tabs and then used my fabric to cut four panels for the curtains, and used that fabric to make pockets on the top of both panels. We also had to shorten the curtains to fit the height of this tiny room, and well... here's our nursery now (much more full than it was in my previous post)...

Nursery - May 31, 2011

If you look closely, you'll also see that we added a white roller blind to help darken the room for baby naps. Below the window is our new diaper bag (a gift from one of my friends), which we've already started to pack for the hospital trip.

Nursery - May 31, 2011

Bedding is on, and bumper will come off soon, but we're currently hiding some tiny clothes and receiving blankets in there until we have the room organization all sorted out. There is also a crib skirt in the works to hide the playpen that is stored under the crib (a gift from my parents at Saturday's baby shower).

Nursery - May 31, 2011

She's already spoiled with lots of stuffed animals. The giant teddy bear was a gift from B's parents on Saturday, and those polka dot stuffed animals in the basket were made by B's Mom, using the receiving blankets that match our Dwell Studio bedding. 

Nursery - May 31, 2011

... And, just a little look at the stuff we've been collecting for baby's gallery wall. The B was also made by B's Mom for "baby". 

We're getting there, and at least feel confident at this point that if she were to arrive tomorrow, we'd have a comfy little room to bring her home too. I'm determined to get the room organized by the end of this week, but this will probably be your last look until the final reveal... which of course may come after the baby comes.

Now my question to you, as we continue to fill our nursery - what did you find the most useful thing to have on hand in your nursery and what wasn't so useful? Or maybe you have some advice for our overnight bags for the hospital? What did you find best to have on hand for you and for baby in that first day together in the hospital?


  1. I love this room. So cute and cozy. I think its perfect. My Mom has always said she couldn't live without a good rocking chair.

    I adore that big teddy!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. The nursery is looking so sweet Kerry! You're right, the curtains really make the biggest difference! And you were very smart to put the roller blind in there - Keaton couldn't sleep until the room was pitch black!

    In terms of the nursery, a comfy chair is a must (which you already have). In terms of the overnight bag for the hospital, I would suggest packing some good snacks. There's the caf at the hospital which has stuff, but it's always good to have some healthy snacks on hand because you might be there a while!!

  3. I love the soft colours you've chosen, Kerry. And that bedding is adorable! The only thing you may need is a small table and soft light beside that comfortable rocker you've got, for night time feedings. It's such an exciting time, isn't it? x

  4. Such a sweet nursery Kerry, it is lovely. The detail is just right on the curtains, they really make the room. Beautiful job!

  5. It looks so cute and cozy! I love it that you got custom stuffies made to match the bedding! SO CUTE!!! I would definitely recommend getting a lamp with very soft light or putting in a dimmer switch... you'll need it for night time feeds and changes. Also a table beside your comfy chair to set things on while you cuddle the baby! I'm so excited for you!!!

  6. Oh yeah... for the hospital... make sure you bring flip flops or extra socks 'cause hospital floors are kinda gross. I also just read someone's birth story (can't remember whose)... they brought their own pillow with a pretty pillow case... wish I would have done that!

  7. Wow, it is looking sooo good. I am always amazed at how much curtains can finish a room, they look great! I still can't believe you found that fabric at fabricland, I love it.

    I actually came a cross a handy little hopspital checklist yesterday on 'lay baby lay' - check it out:

  8. it looks fabulous in here-i love how custom the curtains are. it's the perfect solution for not quite right length curtains. what sweet baby shower goodies!

  9. The nursery looks good, love all the cute touches! :) Most helpfully in our nursery thus far pre-baby is putting the main light on a dimmer :)! Which is a must!

    For the diaper bag going to the hospital, I've packed 3 oneises, going home clothes, socks, swaddle blanket, diaper, wipes etc

  10. It looks lovely Kerry!! And I hope everything is going well with baby!! xo

  11. It's really coming together. It looks like such a nice place to spend time with your little one. Looks great! I really like the curtains.

  12. It looks adorable Kerry! Well done :)

    Definitely a small lamp or dimmer switch for the nursery for night feeds/diaper changes is a good idea. Also, having a "changing bin" downstairs has been a great idea for us. We have a basket that has some diapers, wipes, cream, a couple washcloths, and a receiving blanket (when he was little) on the main floor so we didn't have to go up and down every time a mess happened. It's been quite handy.

    For the hospital, definitely bring snacks - I was SO hungry after I had Jack and the 3 (relatively small) meals the hospital provided were definitely not enough to keep me happy lol (nevermind that I was trying to feed a tiny human too). Another good thing is a notebook and pencil/pen so you can write down anything people bring you in terms of gifts (I would have forgotten had I not done this).


  13. Kelly (Walkins) UppJune 2, 2011 at 1:42 AM

    WOW! I don't think you guys could be any cuter :) I'm Brett's cousin in Las Vegas and I have been following you guys. I had no idea Coco was so crafty, I wish we would have had the chance to get to know all of you better. I LOVE all the projects you guys have done, this baby is going to be one lucky little girl :)

    We used the white gerber cloth diapers for burp clothes instead of the long skinny burp clothes and they were life savers.

    When my 1st was born, I wished I had my boppy pillow because hospital beds aren't that comfortable and you will want to hold her for a long time :)

    Good luck!! Can't wait to hear more updates.


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