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Curb Appeal - Inspiration

One thing I am anxious to get on at our place is improving our curb appeal. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been too kind on weekends, and when it is we're usually booked up with something else to do. At the moment, we have a mishmash of colours going on, until we can paint the red siding at the top of the house...

Spring 2011

Right now, I'm thinking that I'd like the siding at the top to match the siding on our new entrance, and then for the time being maybe paint the old stone veneer a shade darker. Of course, with an exterior covered in grey and white, that also means we want to brighten it up a little by painting the door a nice bright fun colour...

via a lifes design

I'm a big fan of this soft green against the grey and white. It seems so fresh and welcoming, and once the snow and cold rolls around it would definitely look beautiful with a bright red and green wreath on there!

via pinterest
{via Kiki Nakita}

Yellow has always been in the running for our front door, and I like the idea of a softer shade than going really bold. Again, this picture is a perfect example of how well the yellow would work with what will be a mostly grey and white house!

Blue is another option that has constantly been in the back of my mind. Both as a more subdued tone...

blue front door via the buzz
{via the buzz}

But I've also thought about going more bold with blue as well...

turquoise via tchochkes

I've even flirted with the idea of painting the door a nice deep purple. Something that I could easily carry to the interior of the door as well, that would work with our front entrance...

via houzz
{via houzz}

We definitely have a lot to consider, and I'm definitely not ready to paint the front door until we rid our home of that red. No need to be throwing more colours into the mix at this point... it will surely not help our curb appeal.

Has anyone else been thinking of curb appeal? What colours do you love on front doors... or what would you do with our home? Would love to hear some feedback on what colours speak to you when you approach someone's home?


  1. I think the yellow would look great with the grey siding!

  2. Oh wow, so many options! I think I'm leaning towards either the soft green or the yellow for the door. I just really like those against the gray. I really want to paint my front door this summer. I really wanted a black or navy blue, but I have this ugly peachy-coloured brick and I'm not sure if those would go with it or not. I am just in the beginning stages of planning this, so I still need to do some more thinking. But I also really want to spruce up the garden and put some fun pots outside. The plan was to do that this weekend, but it's supposed to rain AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL weekend...I am not impressed!

  3. I think a bold door says a lot. In my town Red is a popular color and i think its very pretty. Ours is a nice dull blue and it adds a perfect touch of color. It all depends on your style but i think a bold door is the way to go!

  4. I'd go with option 1 for sure, it is stunning and you're so right about Christmastime! The darker gray stone is a perfect idea. The dark purple is my #2 choice, equally stunning and definitely bold.

  5. I think the pale blue would be pretty on your home, but might blend in too much -- I would go with the subdued green.

    When we where talking about painting our front door (our exterior house is grey) I wanted a shade of turquoise - but it would not look good with our grey - so we went a bold red! Love it!! Were the only ones in our 'hood with a color door! lol :)

    Anyways test colors on bright days and cloudy days that will help a lot :)

  6. i love the greys! i wish i could convince S to paint the brick a nice gray and have black shutters. with our orangey brick and tan, i thought black would look to much like halloween. and while i LOOOOOVE halloween, i didn't think it was a good year round look for the house.

  7. I do love a good painted front door and that purple one is just fab!

  8. I like your plan. Now what colour to pick???
    The first one is my next door neighbour. I am partial to yellow and grey as you can tell from our house. BUT I have never seen the purple before. I say give the purple a try. You can always change it :-)
    Also it would be easy to add some various purple shades of flowers to your garden to accent.

  9. A red door is supposed to be good luck says our friend who happens to have a red front door. I'm loving that dark purple!

  10. I've also been working on our curb appeal, and I started with painting our door. I went with a bright yellow (and our house is grey). Cannot wait to see what you decide!

  11. your new entryway is fabulous! i love colour on the front door - happy weekend!

  12. I love all the colorful doors! Can't wait to see what you do!


  13. Ooooh so gorgeous, can't waIt to see what you guys do!!

  14. I wasn't allowed to paint the front door a crazy colour, but the back door is free game so I'm deciding on colours too. I am a fan of coloured doors but what colour depends not only on the colour of the exterior/roof, but also your garden -- don't forget to consider what you'd like to plant in the future. I like all your options except for the purple, which seems too dark with your grey (not enough contrast in tone). The other colours seem more inviting.

  15. I like the first one the best! I used a fun olive green on my door, which was a bold choice and I love it! Go with your gut:)

  16. I love red doors best! I am all about fabulous entry ways, but I need to work on mine!

  17. I have also been thinking of stepping up my "curb appeal" and these are great inspiration pictures! My front door is windowed like the light blue one and hopefully these pics give me the courage to go navy with our front door!


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