Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lending A Hand

My parents have officially been empty nesters for quite a while now. It seems that every time we go to visit they have a new project on the go, and I'm excited to be a part of this next project with my Mom. 

They've already spent some time turning my childhood bedroom into a guest room. Unfortunately, the last bed frame they bought had some issues so it will be a while before they are able to get it together. In the mean time, my mother and I have discussed working together on a very small budget to pull together a welcoming guest room. A lot of what we will use they will already have in their home, with very minimal purchases being made.

For now they will use one twin bed frame (which was once my brothers) and the mattress that was once on the day bed in our basement. Here is the space that we have to work with...

Yup! There's that retro looking mattress again!



I am in love with the mirror she has hanging over that dresser. She mentioned to me that she wasn't sure she wanted it black anymore but I've been working on convincing her that it is perfect just the way it is... don't you agree?

It's hard to tell in these photos (because of my poorly set white balance), but the room is a very pale purple. The plan is to use some nice neutral bedding and add some darker shades of purple in accents. Our main goal is to make this a welcoming and relaxing space for any guest that comes into my parents home.

I always love a project that is a bit of a challenge, and what's more of a challenge than pulling together a room with mostly just the pieces you already own? Keep an eye out - we should be pulling this all together really quickly!


  1. Good luck- I know you'll do a fabulous job and can't wait to see the finished room!

  2. So excited to see it! Love the mirror too! its perfect

  3. Looking forward to seeing it, Kerry - and you're right, the mirror works perfectly with the color on the walls...

  4. I have no doubt it will look fantastic:)

  5. Ooh, this looks like a fun project! The mirror looks great already. Can't wait to see what else you put in the room.

  6. What a beautiful mirror! The room is lovely.

  7. love the mirror. i need to find something like that for my dining room :)

  8. so excited to see what you come up with!! officially a new follower :) x thanks for your comment!

  9. oooo...have fun with your little project!


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