Thursday, May 5, 2011

Etsy Love - Cats Paw Pottery

I don't know how I've held out on all of you for so long!? Well... no more! Today I absolutely must share with you one of my new favorite Etsy shops... Cats Paw Pottery. This shop sells the most beautiful Handmade Victorian Stoneware Pottery, and at incredible prices too. All of the glazes that they use are food safe, so you can happily make use of all of these gorgeous pieces when having guests over. They would most definitely make a great conversation piece. 

I will waste absolutely no more of your time and will share with you some of my favorites (even though I wish I were buying them and not sending you to buy them... but we have other priorities at the moment)...


The shapes, the colours - they are all so perfect! Imagine using these for serving condiments or garnishes at a party? What a great touch they would add to any table.


Everything about this piece is perfect. The pattern, the colour, the shape... the PRICE! Whether you decide to use it as a serving piece, or hang it on the wall, it will surely make a statement. My favorite however is the same tray in French Blue. Absolutely stunning.

square celtic spoon rests

I'm pretty sure that $7.00/spoon rest, but still well worth it considering how beautiful they are. Much better that your basic store spoon rest, and you can request other colours. Would definitely add a little something special to your kitchen countertop!

Not only do they make incredible pieces for your kitchen, how gorgeous is this clock with it's little cut outs? Just like all of the other pieces, you can order in other colours to better match your home decor. I am absolutely in love with that gorgeous pattern (and those incredible hands on it!).


I adore the pattern on this little bowl. Would love to see it in a front entry to collect keys or pocket change, or next to your bed for jewelry.

And that's just a small sampling of some of the beautiful pieces that they have on offer. Head on over and check out the shop - so many cute pieces, I know you're bound to find something that strikes your interest.

Have you come across any Etsy shops recently that you just absolutely adore?


  1. Oh my Gosh I love them! So cute! The first bowls are so adorable! The colors are just right!

  2. These are amazing! And I really can't believe the prices. Thanks for the heads up Kerry.

  3. Gorgeous stuff! There's so many amazing pottery stores on Etsy!

  4. Hi, Thank you so much for sharing my little pottery pieces on your wonderful Blog. This was so sweet and just made my day.
    Linda at Cats Paw Pottery


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