Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tackling' the Kitchen...

We're still trying to accomplish as much as possible from our 2011 to-do list before the little peanut arrives. Last weekend, while I was out picking up bridesmaid dresses and shoes with my soon to be sister-in-law and other bridesmaids, B was at home tackling one project that has been bothering me for ages!

Summer 2010

Those giant white cabinets! When we moved in we saw them (and the rest of the kitchen and thought) "SO MUCH STORAGE!", especially since we were moving in from a tiny one bedroom apartment. Fast forward about 6 months into living there and we fully realized how not functional these cupboards were. I wish I had some before photos, but I did not expect B to tackle this project while I was out.

Basically, the two doors on the right, in the bottom section of doors, was just one giant open space with a closet rail in it. I assume previous owners used this as their closet since there never was a proper one before our reno. This was a great space for hiding our giant bin of dog food, but everything else just sort of got piled up and there was no order or organization. Opening either of those doors actually just stressed me out more than anything.

Well, let's go back quickly to last weekend. I arrive home from a long day of shopping - tired and ready to relax. B has been the best and has given the house a good cleaning which makes me so happy, but I can hear him in the kitchen calling me in excitedly. So I stroll in, he flings open the cupboard doors and I am met with this lovely sight...

Pantry Storage

Ahhhh - Organization! At least... more than was there before! A lot more! I know it doesn't really look that neat and organized, but trust me when I say that this is a huge improvement over before. B even finally got around to finding a space to mount the personalized brand that I got him for Christmas two years ago (yes... those are his initials...)

Pantry Storage

These are actually some shoe racks that B has bought on clearance at the big orange that didn't fit into our front closet. He didn't think it was worth trying to return them, so thought he'd give them a try in our cupboard. They may not look the prettiest, but this is a temporary solution until we can actually afford to renovate the kitchen.

For now it will do and will allow me to sort through this again soon and make room for baby items that will soon make their way into the kitchen. 

What is your favorite organization system in your kitchen? Any tips or suggestions for those (including me) looking to make their kitchen more organized and functional?


  1. Love your huge cabinet! Our kitchen is so tiny that is so hard to keep everything organized esp. the bottom cabinets - I have no tips right now :( But I do plan on purging our cabinets soon hoping to make new space!

  2. A huge cabinet with lots of shelving is priceless! Looks fabulous. :) Babies tend to create a dramatic increase in the need for storage. Exact reason we had to build a new house!

    I love my kitchen as it has a ton of storage. My favourite part is the built in recycling centre.


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