Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Think I've Got It!

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments on yesterday's post about the look for our new bedroom. My gut is telling me it will work out just fine (just like all of your are)... so I'll just move forward confidently (as soon as we get rid of that bed...).

Moving along... For those of you who have been following along recently, you'll know that we're working on finishing up our front entrance renovation. As B finishes up details like paint, trim and the closet doors, my mind is really trying to decide on the finishing touches (see my first post about my decor inspiration right here). One thing I've been stuck on for quite some time, is how to address a window treatment for this room.

Our window is huge and pretty much takes up the width of the front wall (not including our closet), as you can see (kind of) in these pictures...

Yeah, it's big and faces West, so we get some pretty decent light during the day. Because it's a front entrance and will see a lot of traffic, dirt and dust I didn't want curtains that would be near the floor, as well as puppy paws (and mouths) and baby hands. I also wanted something that will for the most part continue to let light in during the day, but that we can close for privacy when we'd like, as our home sits rather close to the street.

After a lot of contemplating, it struck me late last week... the perfect solution has to be Roman Shades!! They'll look beautiful and be out of the way when they are up, and let in tons of light, but they'll still look great (and be out of the way), when we let them down for some privacy...




I adore the look of them, and think I may have even found the right fabric for this project!

It's from the "Woodland Delight" collection by Paula Prass for Michael Miller, and is called Bloom Gray. I've already ordered a sample from Tonic Living so I can hold the fabric in my hands and make sure it works in the front entrance. I also figure, if it's the winner, it will help me choose the right shade of gray for our closet doors!

With all of the projects we have coming up in 2011, I don't think I'm prepared to tackle making my own shades. I plan to get a quote from Tonic Living to see how much it would cost to get them to make them. It's a great option considering I would already be ordering the fabric from them. But I'm also wondering, for those of you in Toronto, who do you use for custom window coverings? We don't have final measurements for the windows yet, as we're waiting for the trim to be installed, but I'll be emailing around for quotes as soon as it's all in! Would love to get some suggestions from my fellow Torontonians!


  1. I don't have any contacts for custom window coverings, but I'm really interested to know what price Tonic Living gives you. P.S. I love that fabric!

  2. I have used tonic living in the past for a custom roman. She was awesome to work with, the roman was perfect and it was $131.83USD.

  3. @Shannon - I will definitely update once we get a quote!

    @lolo - Thank you so much! I hope that our one large (or three smaller) shades will be just as reasonable! :)

  4. nice fabric-i really like the look of roman shades and will probably end up ordering one for our kitchen window. can't wait to see your final product!

  5. I also love roman shades and am hoping to do them in our mudroom/kitchen nook. I've gotten quotes from tonic before and they've been great. I would love any other recos you might have. Also love the fabric!! - Emilija

  6. Love that fabric!! I love Tonic Living they are a great local fabric source!!


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