Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Final Decision

Thank you ALL so much for your feedback on yesterday's post! For the most part it seems we've got it right... maybe a tad longer and narrower, which is what I had been thinking too. We'll just have to measure where we were, and then see how close we can get when buying a canvas! Thanks again - I appreciate all your help!

Today I wanted to talk about one of the least blogged about spaces in our home. The little reading nook that B has created for me in the basement. B created it using some over the fridge cabinets from Ikea (inspired by Aubrey + Lindsay), and nestled it between the basement stairs and our bathroom.

The only difference between October and now, is that there is less stuff piled on top of our foam pad. I've been agonizing over finding the perfect fabric, and then, just the other week, I found it! I ordered a sample from Tonic Living, and when it arrived I knew it was perfect! Even B agreed it was great (he didn't exactly say that as B doesn't get excited about fabric, but he said "okay"... which is pretty much the same thing to me)! Just to be sure, I checked it out in the basement against our walls (Sarah Richardson's Pearl), and again, we had a match!
I wasted no time at all and ordered 4 yards of fabric on Monday so that we (and by we I mean myself and my Mom) can get rolling on the seat cover. Customer service was SO GREAT! There was an issue when my order was placed (that I wasn't even aware of) and I got an email making sure I wanted to place my order. Everything was confirmed and completed the same day and my fabric was in my hands by YESTERDAY! Incredible right? Love Tonic Living!

Anyway, so why was this fabric "the one"?

I loved all of the colours in it - the yellow, green, blue, white and brown was perfect. I could use so many colours to finish decorating the basement (and I'll have so many options for pillows), plus it's kind of playful for a space that will soon become a play / hangout area for us and the little peanut.
I'm also in love with this sign from Old New Again, I'm just not sure I'm ready to pay $54 for it! Maybe a DIY project to tackle with the scroll saw B picked up for me a while ago off craigslist (and I have yet to use).

I just cannot wait to have my own little space to curl up with a good book or magazine, and snuggle into some beautiful throw pillows (that I still need to find)... or maybe just curl up with the peanut and read he / she a book!

Do you have a special space that you like to curl up to read and / or relax? What makes it so special to you?


  1. i love reading sitting up in bed...propped up by pillows with tons of blankets across my legs....its my favorite spot...

  2. i read in bed every night, but my favourite spot to read is bathed in sunshine, preferably near water.

  3. nothing is better than PJ's and a good book! love love~

  4. that's great-i love that you guys carved out that special space! i read in my sunroom (can't wait til it's spring and i can go out there and not freeze!)

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