Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Bedroom - Revisited

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend over here. I heard our little peanut's heartbeat for the first time on Saturday morning, which was very cool (B missed it though!), and have a tentative DD finally! My doc said July 20... but I think he calculated wrong, and it should be closer to July 14, but of course will know more after my next ultrasound. It's all so very exciting. We also picked out our beautiful bridesmaid dresses for my brother's wedding... yes we all had a say and we all really like them (we have a great bride!). The only downside was the Pats loss to the Jets last night, but we're moving on (at least I am anyway...). How were your weekends?

Today I wanted to go back to a project that was first mentioned quite a long time ago. It was last April when I first wrote a post about moving our master bedroom to the second bedroom in our home, and going for a new look. That new look was reflected in the mood board that I shared at the time...

Though it hasn't changed a whole lot, I must say that it has changed slightly since I put together my original plan. I still love my Robert Allen Basquiat Patina fabric that I picked up for a super deal on for a steal ($4.98/yard!)....

I still plan to use this for my DIY upholstered headboard project, but now rather than building a bed, we're thinking of going the quick and inexpensive route and buying the new Brimes bed from IKEA, which will give us four huge drawers for some much needed extra (and functional) storage in our bedroom.

We're not wild about the handles on the drawers, but since we'd be screwing them on ourselves when we put the frame together, we've discussed going out and buying new pulls ourselves. Maybe some nice silver ones...

The other thing that changed, was that last year I purchased this gorgeous Dwell Studio duvet cover from CSN Stores...

But now comes the hard part where I admit I've been too afraid to place my duvet cover next to my gorgeous fabric for fear that the colours will just not work together! Yeah... I'm going to have to do this soon, since I'm hoping we can rid ourselves of our double bed in the guest room (Anyone in Toronto looking for a double bed frame and mattress???) quickly and begin working on our new bedroom ASAP! 

Before I get the courage to check the colours myself... what do you think, will they work? Am I on the right track? 


  1. I think it will work great together!

    My fingers are crossed! (and my toes too!)

  2. I think they would look great together. From what I see the stripe colour is the same as some of the flowers. I'd go for it!

    Congrats on the peanut? It is truly a wonderful sound hearing their heartbeat for the first time!

    BTW: what were your customs charges when ordering from Fabric. com? I am considering buying some fabric and not sure whether to send it to our US mailbox and spend an hour going to the US and back OR having it sent to Canada and paying extra. What did you do?

  3. I can't wait to see all the projects for your room!! I think try them and take pics to see if you like the fabrics together a picture never lies! If you don't like the fabric see if you can use it elsewhere in your home or strictly on small accent pieces like a chair.

    Either way I am sure it will be great!! Good luck :)

  4. I have never seen that bed from Ikea before?? I really like it!! And I really like the idea of changing the pulls. I have already told you this I think, but I love the duvet cover you purchased. I really hope it works!

  5. I have that exact same floral fabric! I used it for a dog bed actually. It's very tough and held up well but it does tend to unravel so sew or glue the seams really well. Can't wait to see it all finished!

  6. First of all - congrats on your little one! I love that RA fabric and would like to know the answer to Barbara's question about shipping and duty from the US. Have never used them but they have some great deals. I think your room will look great!

  7. Thank you everyone! :) I do love our RA Fabric as well, and I'm seriously hoping it will all come together the way I see it in my head!

    @Barbara & Vanessa: In regards to, I knew we wouldn't need the Fabric right away so I had it shipped to B's parents house in Boston and it was free (the luck of having in-laws in the US!). They brought it up with them when they came to visit so there were no customs charges. I do remember considering having it shipped to us though and the costs were expensive, so I went the less expensive route for us!

  8. Really nice design, colors, textures! Really Nice!

  9. that is so fun that you got to hear that babies heartbeat~ so precious. I adore the duvet you got, and the fabric is fabulous~ can't wait to see it all!

  10. I think it will all come together really nicely! You'll just have to take a deep breath and dive in. Congratulations on the baby!

  11. Those will totally work together! Love the fabric and the duvet cover.

    Congrats on hearing the peanut's heartbeat! Its starting to become more real, isn't it?

  12. Everything should work out great, I suppose. And that fabric, I think it would look good anywhere.

  13. I think they will work - it's daring, but the results will look grand.

    P.S. I've totally fallen for that bed linen - it's divine!


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