Friday, January 14, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

It's been a while since I shared my weekly fancy finds! I guess that has a lot to do with getting off track with my blogging. But here I am once again, ready to share these fancy things and it just feels right! So here they are...

Love this dark and dramatic kitchen that Christine shared on her blog on Tuesday. It was admist a ton of other beautiful photos, but this one just jumped out at me. Adore those dark, shiny cabinets!

How beautiful is the Alpaca blanket that Kasey's mother brought her back from her recent travels?

This past week I picked up the February 2011 issue of House Beautiful. So much inspiration in it, but in particular I fell in love with the interior of this sunny little cottage...

Not only did I love the above photo... but it inspired me to finally start making some decisions for my seating bench in the basement. I found a fabric I loved while perusing the internet the other day, and then felt eternally lucky when I spotted the EXACT fabric over at Tonic Living (I love shopping Canadian when I can)! It's a P. Kaufmann fabric called Dapper Stripe in Robin's Egg.

I ordered a sample the other day, but I'm thinking it should be perfect. The walls are Sarah Richardson's "Pearl", so once I check the fabric next to it, I'll know for sure! Cross your fingers that this is the winner!

While I'm on the topic of fabric, check out these gorgeous Save the Date's from Oh So Beautiful Paper this past week...

The designer, Valentia, from CUTandPASTE hit this one right on the head! GORGEOUS and oh so romantic!

We've survived another week... time to enjoy the weekend! Today is a short work day for me... I'll be exiting the city early with my parents after my Mom's procedure today (lots of love and best wishes are going out to my Momma!), will spend the afternoon with them and tonight meeting up with an old friend from high school to catch up (she doesn't know my BIG news yet!). Tomorrow, there will be some bridesmaid dress shopping with my brothers fiancee (and I'm also going to see my Doc, so I'm hoping to finally get a Due Date!!). B and I also have a date to an event on Sunday afternoon, followed by watching some NFL playoffs (GO PATRIOTS!). Hope you all have some time to kick back and enjoy the weekend! I'll catch up with you next week!


  1. Ah thanks for the mention Kerry:) I love love that kitchen- a beautiful collection of great finds this week!

  2. sounds like such a great weekend! and your first Dr. Appt--that is so exciting! i am loving that cottage and pretty striped fabric~

  3. Thanks ladies! :)

    @Sharstin: it's actually my second... I just think my original DD has been changed! I may not be as far along as I had originally thought! :( So hoping to find out tomorrow! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Ah, love everything you posted. That kitchen is so cool! I hope your doctor appointment goes well! (:

  5. I never thought that dark wood could look so modern in a kitchen. Much more elegant than natural wood.
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  6. hope everything went well with your Mum. Have a great weekend, Kerry!

  7. FB Message me - how'd she take the big news!!! Did her jaw drop?


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