Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dream Home - With a Little TLC

There were no reader requests for this weeks Dream Home series... but I'm okay with that, because I was able to indulge myself once again! For quite some time, I've been bugging B to plan a trip to Quebec City (we're seriously hoping it will happen this spring before the peanut arrives), so for today's Dream Home, I decided to find something in this gorgeous Canadian City. I tried to switch things up a little in my search, but when all else failed, I ended up going with my most trusted website, Sotheby's Realty. The home I found is listed for $4.25M Canadian, and would be the perfect home for B and I.... if we were millionaires. The house isn't "perfect" in these photos - but the bones of the home are gorgeous, and with a little TLC and elbow grease, it could surely be a stunner.

According to the listing, this home was constructed in 1932 and is located on Quebec City's "most prestigious avenue". The avenue may be prestigious... but the curb appeal could definitely use some work...

I won't even go into the list of things that need to be done to liven up this gorgeous home - they're quite obvious if you ask me. What I will draw your attention to is the size and amount of windows in this home! Wait until you see them from the interior...

This little entry way is just stunning (if you lose the unecessary lace curtains). I'm picturing a really great wallpaper to replace those outdated florals, or maybe a really bold colour. The woodwork is fantastic, and how about the glass around the doorway as well? That trim and glass work is repeated throughout the home too!

PLEASE, look at those gorgeous pocket dooes, and the size of those windows! I don't know if the rooms are ACTUALLY that huge, or if they just look that way because of the wide angle lense that was used, but the windows would make up for tiny rooms. I would probably even try to get that couch and those chairs included in the sale!

The size of this dining room is impressive and that wainscotting and the beams on the ceiling are just killing me. I can see some seriously fantastic Thanksgivings and Christmas dinner's served here.

Let's take a quick stroll of up the fabulous staircase...

I know it could use some work, but those fireplaces and those fabulous huge windows upstairs! If only we had that much natural light in our tiny home. I'm suddenly craving a huge house with lots of wall space and fantastic windows! PLEASE!

The listing includes a few more photos of some outdated rooms that could be so much better, but these ones hold all of the details that really had me swooning. Can you picture how beautiful this home could be with just a little TLC? If you're interested in checking out more on the property, you can find the listing here.

Where do you dream of calling home? Or is there a particular style of home you're looking for in your own neck of the woods? I'd love to search out some beautiful (or in some cases, not perfect) both near and far - so send me your requests, and I'll see what I can dig up!


  1. Love this home. I live in a neighbourhood with some of the oldest estates in Toronto. Sometimes I pretend it's the turn of the century and we're heading out for a night of games and cocktails... so much history. Great find.

  2. ok, i've got vacation on the brain! we are looking into going to the canary islands, specifically tenerife. think you can dig anything up??

  3. lovelovelove this house. (from a first time reader!)

  4. can you find me a dream home in the hollywood hills or Laguna Beach please?

  5. Kerry...seeing as I'm now an east coast girl, I'm dying to decorate everything in that "house by the sea" look. You know the style, very Nantucket/Hamptons-only feet from the ocean look..lol
    I'm sure any pictures you find me will give me great inspiration:)

  6. wow - the windows alone!! think of all the great (large) rugs you could put in here from Elte - the house needs it! Good luck with getting the QC trip at a minimum - swing by the house while you're there! :)


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