Friday, January 21, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

Another fabulous Friday... and of course, another week closer to spring (Hooray)! I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so done with these cold, grey, depressing winter days. Bring on the sun!.... and also my fancy finds from the past week...

Erin, from House of Turquoise, shared this gorgeous bathroom last Friday. Do you think we could make our upstairs bathroom look like this when we reno it...? Maybe? We'd only have to sacrifice the whole top floor of our home, right?

Yes, I have some serious bathroom envy right now... how could I not?

Speaking of envy... how calm, relaxing, refreshing and comforting does this white bedroom look? Vanessa shared this beauty last Friday... and it has me thinking I would love to have an all white bedroom, what about you?

I think I'm adding this "Baby Makes Three Book" to my "Mommy-to-be wishlist". Kate Spade has got it all figured out, and I think this gorgeous silver-plated book would be great for us as first time parents, don't you? The bonus... it's only $50! Awesome!

Rhiannon always shares such beautiful weddings and great DIY projects! This Save the Date Puzzle that she shared this past week was just so sweet and so smart... what do you think?

Oh, of course, I also loved picking up the latest copy of The Nest and homemakers this past week. "Why?" you ask. Well, a big thank you to "The Nest" for including me in their "How to Organize Everything" feature - I must say, I felt pretty special being a name among many of those bloggers we love!

homemakers magazine has me in there too... but completely unrelated to my blog! If you were reading around this time last year, you may remember that I entered me and B into a contest to win a trip to Grand Cayman (we came in 2nd place - *cue sad music*). The other month I heard from one of their editors, asking if it would be okay to print the story on how we met in their magazine this month! B and I agreed... so if you pick up this months copy, you'll find our little love story nestled inside! Thanks homemakers! :)

I've recently discovered Brittany's blog, and I'm loving it! When she posted this room the other day, it immediately filled me with inspiration for a baby girl nursery (no, we don't know what we're having yet... only 15 weeks now, but I'm trying to come up with some good colour schemes, for both genders, to go with our brown baby bedding...)

Lastly, another gorgeous find from Kate Spade! I adore this fun and flirty ring and for only $55, I think this would make a good Mother's Day gift... or maybe a "way-to-carry-a-baby-for-nine-months-and-then-deliver-it" kind of gift... B? (I know you're reading... I'm just handing this one right to you... no thought required!)

This weekend, we'll be sticking close to home (finally). I hope to have some lazy mornings and productive days. Cleaning, sorting, purging, organizing! We also have our follow up eco-energy audit tomorrow. Hopefully that means some money coming our way soon... god knows we could use it! Hoping you all have a Fancy weekend... I'll catch you on the other side! :) 


  1. Hi Kerry, Love the bathroom, love your blog – and love you for mentioning Homemakers! Thanks again for your beautiful story and allowing us to publish it; it's great to have you in our magazine. (Do I understand that you're a mom to be? Congrats!) - Kathy Ullyott, editor, HM

  2. Hello!? You're in TWO magazines!? Go, Kerry! I'll definitely be swinging past the magazine aisle to check you out! Congratulations!!

  3. great finds Kerry & Congratulations! happy weekend!

  4. wow, that's awesome about the magazine features!

  5. How fun!! I want to read it (: That bathroom is amazing!

  6. WOW! I didn't even know you came in second! I will have to pick up a copy! Love that save the date puzzle... it's going in my (ever-expanding) wedding file! ;)

    PS. Got your email with the photo, and no worries on mailing the prize! :)

  7. Yay Kerry!! So happy and proud that you are in 2 mags!! Have a great weekend, I hope your pregnant self is doing well :)

  8. Two mentions? You go Kerry! Love that nursery inspiration. Have a great weekend!

  9. Congrats Kerry, that is amazing!! Hope you have a delightful!

  10. you are so fabulously famous! i almost picked up that Nest magazine yesterday - i now wish i had!
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  11. congratulations! can you imagine a bathroom that huge? there is a suite within the ensuite...a girl can dream :) happy weekend

  12. Wow! Thankyou for the mention!!
    And I adore that white on white room!! Something so calm and clean and pretty :)

  13. congrats on the magazines! that is so fabulous~ i hope you are feeling great, and having a wonderful weekend!


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