Thursday, January 20, 2011

Designer Love - Jennifer Delonge

When I stumbled across the website for designer Jennifer Delonge, I just knew I had to share her talent with my readers! Jennifer is a fantastic interior and furniture designer, whose focus is on the modern family. Her rooms, furniture and accessories are stylish and fun, as well as being functional for today's family... this is what spoke to me most about her. I could happily put every single piece she designs into our home!

Check out some of her gorgeous rooms...

Loving the simplicity of the dining room above. The armless wing backs are perfect for the heads of the table and really ground the space, which is otherwise light and airy. They also bring the perfect balance to the table, since the table and remaining chairs all sit at the same, low height. It's absolute perfection in my opinion.

How about that gallery wall? I love that she took it from floor to ceiling, and that the windows are incorporated into the design. My guess is that this wall resides in a basement... aren't those great basement windows? I wish ours looked like that! Of course, I also have some serious love for the tulip table and oversized floor lamp.

You may be able to guess that this is the room that lead me to Jennifers website and her portfolio. I love how big and bright this nursery is! The modern clean lines of that crib are exactly what I want for our peanuts nursery, and that day bed is fabulous in both shape and pattern!

PERFECTION! What else can I say? The Eames chair... the Union Jack, the lucite table, the glass lamp with coral inside. Really, this space could be a great bachelor apartment, or a young couples condo in the city. Pretty versatile if you ask me!

So yes, I cannot hide the fact that I love Jennifer's design style... which means, I also need to share with you some of the beautiful furniture pieces that she creates (and guess what!? You can purchase her pieces on!)

As soon as I saw the glider below... I knew I wanted it for the peanuts nursery...

It's called the Daddy Glider and I love the lines of it! There is a wide variety of fabric options to choose from... so many that I'm not actually sure what colour or pattern I would choose!

Of course, since she caters to the whole family, she does not only have some gorgeous gliders, but also some seriously beautiful children's pieces! Look at these...

Yes, I have a serious designer crush on this lady! Thank you Jennifer... for designing such beautiful and inspiring rooms and pieces!

If you love Jennifer as much as I do (or want to buy me the Daddy Glider and Ottoman) you can find out where to purchase her pieces right here!


  1. I love that nursery! And the best part is I didn't even notice crib or the fact that it was a nursery right away! THAT'S a great nursery.

  2. IT's all totally gorgeous and that child's HAVE to get that- adore!!

  3. i want that sofa for me and gigi! and btw, i had to scour your blog for the initial mention of peanut yesterday. i'm so happy for you and b!

  4. I don't know anything about gliders, but I do know that I like the ones that look like nice comfy chairs like your picture! I don't think I realized until my niece was born that those things actually moved too. So genius!

  5. That sofa is too much and I mean that in the best way possible. Fab.


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