Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How We Did in 2010...

After my extended blogging break, I am more than ready to get back into it... and to work on some projects around the house. We definitely have quite the list developing for 2011, but before I get to that, let's let back on my 2010 list and see what was actually accomplished, what was changed and what was left untouched... shall we?

1) Finish Basement Laundry Room/Craft area
- Install baseboard - Not done
- Build storage/cabinetry in laundry area - Half done. We got a storage unit under the sink, but have yet to install any cupboards or shelves over the washer and dryer... we also need to utilize the storage space under the sink a little better. We'll be working on this soon!
- Install laundry room countertop and sink - Mostly done. The countertop is in, tiled and grouted. It just needs to be cleaned up a bit and we need to find a tap for the sink, and get the plumbing done!
- Complete DIY door project - Not done
- Figure out window treatment - Not done
- Build work area/storage for me - Completed! Brett built me an awesome desk to use. We just need to get the pistons on... but I guess we didn't really address the storage issue yet. I'm hoping to find the perfect tall boy dresser to stick next to my desk for storing papers, fabrics and other necessities in my office / craft area!

2) Refinish an old chair for my Work Space - This project was completed! I love my new chair... but we need to get that craft room / office space completed so I can use it more regularly!

3) Make an inspiration Board for Work Space - Not done. We did buy a giant piece of cork board that will eventually be added to the inside of my desk for my inspiration board, I just have yet to actually do this!

4) Start AND Finish Basement Bathroom - Completed! Or... completed enough to say it is! The one thing left we have to do is buy the half glass wall that we will install by the shower to keep water from spraying everywhere... I'm sure there will be other changes throughout the year, but common, that bathroom came a long way, as can be seen in our home tour!

5) Start AND Finish Basement Living area - I think this one was a little ambitious, so I must say, it's pretty far from being done as it's a huge undertaking! We've definitely made it functional, and spend a lot of our time down there now, but there is a lot of finishing touches and decorating yet to be done, but I guess for the most part it was completed... we can use it after all!

6) Refinish Living Room Coffee and Side Table
- I started this project and never finished. I had started to tackle our side table and it went horribly wrong... I never shared it. We ended up just tossing the table when there was no salvaging it, and I bought a pretty new one from HomeSav! Now I'm just trying to find the perfect piece to replace our coffee table... there will be no refinishing it!

7) Finish Nightstand for Master Bedroom
- Never even started! The one we have stored away in the garage, untouched, may go in the spring garage sale we're talking about having. Now that we're moving our bedroom, we have different plans for nightstands, so this project is out completely!

8) Frost Glass on Top Floor Bathroom Door
- Completed! This one we crossed off our list early in 2010 and we're so glad we did, the extra privacy was very much needed!

9) Hang curtain and frost glass on Master Bedroom Door
- Half done! We got a curtain up, but there is no frosting on the glass yet. Not a big deal right now as we're moving our bedroom so that bedroom is going to be repurposed. Stay tuned to see what the old master bedroom will become!

10) Make Roman Shade for Top Floor Bathroom
- Not done! The upstairs bathroom will be making an appearance on the 2011 list and this project will not really be necessary anymore....

11) Build new Front Entrance
- I must say, I am so surprised to be able to say this one is completed! It may not be completely decorated on the inside, and need a few finishing touches on the outside but it is BUILT! This by far has to be my favourite project of 2010, as it's made such a huge different to both the exterior and interior of our home... with more improvements still to come!

12) Make small fixes to back deck - B did complete a few small fixes on the back deck this past summer. They were kind of spur of the moment, like a few other projects we did, but he built us some sturdier new stairs to keep visitors from breaking an ankle.

13) Paint Living Room
- Completed this one early in 2010, and so happy about it! The grey that we went with makes the room feel a lot more warm and cozy! It also spurred my project of repainting the kitchen and a few other changes that happened in there... I think the kitchen will get a lot more attention in 2011!

14) Paint Garage Doors - Not done, and I'm glad. We didn't really decide on a direction for the exterior of our home until we bought the siding for the front entrance. Now that we've done that, this spring we can focus on getting everything looking the same (and pretty finally). Consider this one a carry over project!

15) Install new railing from top floor down to basement
- Not done... but this will need to be addressed this year. It may not run from the top floor, but we at least need one running from the main floor into the basement, we just need to decide what we like!

I think this list was far more ambitious than we could have achieved, especially with the scale of a few of these projects (like the basement and the front entrance rebuild). This year B and I will sit down together to come up with a list that we both find to be realistic and manageable. Of course, yesterday's announcement will also be a big motivator for the items we add to our list. We have a lot we want to do, and I think that this will be a big year for us.

One big thing I'd like to add to our list of things to do in 2011 is to be better about documenting and sharing with you our DIY projects. I know B is with me who has already said he would like to be better about taking his own photos when he is working on projects. So this means you should see a lot more of the behind the scenes action around here! So I hope you're ready for it, because (despite both of us being sick at the moment) we are ready to get moving! Bring on 2011!

What projects are you looking forward to accomplishing this year? Any big projects on your list, or do you have some other ambitions up your sleeves?


  1. Wow, sounds like you'll have a very busy year ahead of you, but luckily, these all sound like super-fun projects :) Enjoy! Can't wait to see how they all pan out.

    I love the fabric you chose to upholster the chair with.

    *Tania @

  2. You have quite the list there. Good Luck! Your 'new' items will be the most fun.

  3. That's a long list! Things always end up taking 2-3 times longer than you planned don't they? Good luck trying to finish everything!

  4. so many great things done or started on your list, holy smokes i love that sink, and yay for baby! how exciting and congrats to you and B!

  5. Thanks everyone! Our 2011 list should be up soon... this 2010 list is old and not really relevant for the coming year! :)

  6. Goodness, girlfriend! You're going to have lots to blog about this year (: Can't wait to see how these projects go!!

  7. OK, that was one long list, it makes my 2010 list pale in comparison! Phew!


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