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Perfectly Imperfect - Janice's Tags

Now that I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, I'm so glad to be sharing some Perfectly Imperfect spaces with all of you. This week my great blog friend Janice is here to share her very own take on the perfectly imperfect in her home! I love what she came up with, and I hope that it may inspire some of those sharing in the future to branch out a little!...

Hi everyone! I'm Janice from Life Begins at Thirty, Right. I was super excited to be asked by Kerry to come on over here to show her readers about my own version of Perfectly Imperfect because I definitely have a lot of it in my home! In thinking about what bit of imperfection I should show you, I of course first thought of my dressing room. I had done the bulk of the work over the summer but I still had so many odds and ends to fix that I had just abandoned (ahem, I haven't even painted the vanity yet!). While I was snapping pics of all of the issues to show you guys, I came across a much, MUCH bigger issue.

Friends, I have a problem.

Don't laugh, this is serious!

I have a very strange affliction that causes me to....never take tags off things I buy. For real. I've mentioned it a few times on my blog, but I never truly realized the severity of my problem until I was asked to do this Perfectly Imperfect post. Let's start at the beginning.

Tag #1 - Charcoal grey cable knit pillows from Loblaws Superstore.

Originally, I left the tags on because I wasn't sure about the pillows. After a few months and a lost receipt later, the pillows stayed as did the tag. Keep in mind there are two pillows, so technically two tags.

Tag #2 - Family room couch.

Yes, this is our main family room couch - with a tag on it. We received this couch in September of 2009. As of today, January 8, 2011, it is still there.

Tag #3a (and #3b) - Urban Outfitters accordion side tables.

Purchased these tables eons ago and loved them from day one. Not sure why the tags stayed on, but there they are.

Tag #4 - Christmas candlestick holder.

Picked this up at the Bay during their one day 60% off sale. It has been on my mantle since then, with no scissors to be found.

Tag #5 - Christmas wreath.

Also grabbed this during the sale. You can see the tag peeking behind the mirror. Seriously. What kind of 'decorating' is this. Sarah Richardson would keel over and die if she saw this. To be fair, she'd probably have issues with the whole thing, tags aside.

Tags #6 and #7 - Wicker baskets in my dressing room closet.

This was a "I'm not sure if I love them" tag issue. That was last summer. Oops.

Tag #8 - Umm...yeah. Another basket.

Not much else to say about this.

Tag #9 - Urban Outfitters Pouf!

Picked this up on a SUPER sale, with no intention of returning it. Seriously. WHAT is my problem?

So there you have it - my version of Perfectly Imperfect. Lots of really great items that I think work well in my home, but with a little added 'bonus' that makes you shake your head. Maybe I need to go on a tv show for my problem. Something like this:


Kerry - thanks for having me over to your lovely blog-home to share a small, strange part of mine :-)

Thank you Janice for sharing your own version of Perfectly Imperfect! It's nice to see someone noticing a different kind of imperfection in their home and I enjoyed the little peaks you gave us (and of course the video for "My Strange Addiction"... B and I watched part of that episode last night actually...)! I'll be back next Thursday with a new Perfectly Imperfect space!


  1. Janice you're a HOOT!!!! I am sure Sarah Richardson would love to come visit, with a pair of scissors stashed in a fabulous purse! (actually, you never see her carrying a purse on the shows)

  2. Janice, you are so funny. I remember seeing it on your couch, but didn't realise the severity of it!

    Let me ask, do you do the same with clothes?

  3. That is too funny! We all have our "imperfections" and I love when bloggers "keep it real."

  4. Janice - this is absoultely hilarious! Even I remember you buying and posting about these items! Too funny!

  5. this is too funny!! i love this series - thanks Janice - thanks Kerry!

  6. So funny! I always take off the paper part, but my a few items around my house still have the plastic bits! Thanks for being so real :)

  7. Funny girl!! Thanks for keeping it real and hilarious!

  8. You are too funny! Love this series, and both of you ladies!

  9. haha! too funny! i am guilty of this, but more so for clothing. I always want to wait until the perfect occasion to wear a new piece of clothing and won't take the tag off until that time (just in case? maybe so it seems newer? who knows)...but the tag on your couch is classic!

  10. Hahaha this is seriously embarassing!!

    Worst part is - I sent Kerry the pics before Christmas and (no surprise) THE TAGS ARE STILL ON!! I think I should go on a tag-cutting rampage.

    This weekend.

    Or maybe next ;-)

  11. Haha, Janice you had me laughing out loud! What an adorable little quirk.

  12. This is hilarious - I can't believe you keep the tags on everything! I have to muster up all my willpower to not rip the tags off while I'm in line at the cashier! :) You're too funny, Janice!

    *Tania @

  13. Haha, Janice you are too funny! You definitely have commitment issues eh?? And on another note, that Strange Addictions show is so weird! I had to turn it off the other day when a girl was eating cushion stuffing!


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