Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hiding the Mess

Last week I shared with you some of the projects we were working on in the laundry room. While B was doing his stuff, I was off to the side snapping photos and working on a little project of my own. I decided that it was finally time to create my little curtain to hide the mess of supplies underneath our non-functional sink (yup... still on our "to-do list"). 

The week before Halle was born, we spent an evening wandering around IKEA and I picked up some of this fabric for our little curtain...

Laundry Room Curtain - August 2011

So last weekend, I pulled it out and got to work measuring and cutting...

Laundry Room Curtain - August 2011

I added a few extra inches to the width to ensure that it would gather nicely when the curtain was closed. Then it was on to making it look neat and tidy, which only required a couple of items...

Laundry Room Curtain - August 2011

Oh... and an iron, of course! Since my tape was 1 inch thick, I measured the hem of the fabric to be slightly bigger than one inch. As I measured along, I ironed the fabric to ensure that it would stay folded when I was ready to add the hem tape...

Laundry Room Curtain - August 2011

Next step was easy. Simply measure out my hem tape, and give it a good iron. I had some problems with this stuff sticking (no matter how well I followed the instructions). Thankfully, I had a clean edge on the fabric, so I left it as it was at the bottom and got our little curtain into place! Mess hidden! (We will eventually add some shelving in there as well, but this is good enough for now!)


I also decided it was time to do something about that box of oxy clean on the floor. I'd bought a glass apothecary jar for it over a year ago, but since we didn't have a finished counter until recently, I'd never been able to fill it! Here's an updated look at the laundry room...


I still haven't decided on whether I want to keep my print there or not... so for the time being it will stay. Up next for this room, finishing off our sink and doing something about those dryer vents! At this point, it's just nice to see this space finally taking shape... considering it was the very first reno that we began in December of 2009...


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