Monday, August 22, 2011

Fabrics to Fall in Love With

I have some new project plans, as well as a brand new project to share with you later this week, but on this lazy Monday after a nice weekend with B and Halle, i just wanted to share some pretty picks with you...

Tonic Living has to be one of my favourite fabric stores! Not only is it Canadian, but the customer service is always great, shipments are fast, and their selection is fantastic and fun! Of course with our little peanut here, I haven't had much time to stalk their website recently. So, the other day when it was drizzly and overcast, I thought what better thing to do than look at some pretty fabric!?

Here are some of my favourite picks...

bunting scallop retro

Bunting Scallop Retro - $9.95 per yard

How cute is this bunting fabric? Would look so fabulous in a nursery, kids room or even a playroom! I'm actually already brainstorming a project that will allow me to add this to Halle's nursery!

gazebo cloud combo

Gazebo, Cloud - $21.95 per yard

This one is just so soft and beautiful. I love the light blues and greens in it... I actually think my garage sale chair from last spring might look gorgeous in this... we'll see. 

Pierre Confection

Pierre, Confection - $9.95 per yard

It's gorgeous and the price is fantastic. I'd love to see a nursery done with this fabric - that gorgeous pink and the hint of green! Perfection... and a bonus that it's such a steal of a price!

colette marseille

Colette, Marseille - $9.95 per yard

A beautiful floral with a fantastic combination of blue and pink... and some pretty little birdies! Again - a fantastic price!

remix bermuda via tonic living
Chevron Remix, Bermuda - $9.95 per yard

Another fun and colourful design! This would look so great in a kid or teens room - maybe even a fun project for the student who is off to university and needs to spruce up their dorm a little bit! I know we would've loved some fun window treatments back in our day! 

Finding any great fabric designs or sources around these days? Where is your favourite place to shop for fabric? 


  1. Hilarious- I just sent that Colette floral to Meredith- so want to plaster my daughter's walls in it- LOVE!!!

  2. I love Tonic Living havn't been on their in while, I'll have to stop in there 'online' very soon.

    I lvoe the chevron fabric!! I used that exact fabric and turned it into a blanket for Avery - one side is Chevron the other Minky white - its become the perfect stroller blanket for our morning walks! :)

  3. Love that Pierre, Confection fabric. So fun and bright!

  4. I love Tonic Living too - I've ordered tons of samples from there lately and they have the best service!

    I've been eying up that Gazebo, Cloud fabric for a while now too - just have no where to put it!

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I just discovered your blog recently (gave some link love. :D) and already finding ideas from you. :)

  6. wow! great fabrics...the bunting fabric is adorable, and I love the 2nd fabric. Can I just say that I'm amazed that you're keeping up with the blogging so well?? Thank you :)

  7. Hey Kerry! Love all of your picks especially the Gazebo, Cloud which I included in a Houzz ideabook I wrote last month and the Colette is adorable as well.

  8. I just popped onto their site the other day and LOVED their new arrivals! But hubby put a hold on my spending as we spent too much on vacations this summer, sniff....

    Hope motherhood is treating you well!

  9. I like all your designs. I can't touch the fabric, but I'm sure it would be the best one.


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