Friday, August 5, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

As you may have guessed, last Friday there was no Fancy Friday Love as B and I worked on adjusting to parenthood. Having a newborn in our home doesn't exactly go hand in hand with blog reading and documenting all of my favourite finds. However, this week I am attempting to get back in the saddle with my favourite part of the week - sharing what I loved best (and was able to get around to actually reading) from the past two weeks!...

Loved these images that Sarah shared back on the 24th - just so calming and inspiring...

via flourish design + stylevia flourish design + style

Love this engagement party shared on 79 ideas (you need to click over to see all of the stunning details). Probably has something to do with the fact that I love yellow details and accents!

via 79 ideas

If you're not familiar with Nette and her blog, This Dusty House, I urge you to head over and check her out! The other week she revealed this awesome transformation to the bathroom in their home (which they are currently renovating... completely). They didn't have a lot of space to work with, and it was really gross before (I so hope they never had to go in there barefoot - the thought gives me the skeevies).  Check out the full post right here...

via This Dusty House

Loved this custom baby photo book from Hide 'n Seek, that was featured on On To Baby last week. I'm thinking that I would love to get one for our little Halle!

via on to baby

Great idea for a DIY bunting table cloth from The Sweetest Occasion! Would be great for a little girl's party! How pretty is this?

via the sweetest occasion

Wishing I had a sunny space like this to work from (even though I do love the basement office that B has made for me!) - via House of Turquoise.

via house of turquoise

How gorgeous is this kitchen, featured on House of Turquoise? Love everything about it, but the hint of pink brought in by the window coverings and accessories is fabulous! Love, love, love!

via house of turquoise

There was a great post yesterday on Hey Gorgeous, from Lisa over at Something Pretty. It was all about how to take your regular old wedding registry gift that you buy, and make it more thoughtful and personal! Girl hit it square on the head, and offers up a ton of great ideas! If you're shopping for a wedding some time soon - you need to check out this post!

I'm so looking forward to this weekend... I always look forward to the second weekend in August! My Mom has a HUGE family (she had 10 siblings, and they have kids who have kids, etc), and every year on the second weekend in August we have a huge family reunion at my parents house in their gorgeous backyard! My Mom and Dad even drove down to Pittsburgh yesterday to pick up my 91 year old Great Aunt, who cannot wait to come and meet her Great-Great Niece! I hope to have free hands for a bit to share some photos with you on Monday! What do you have planned for this first weekend in August?


  1. Thank you for the Francy Friday Love, Kerry!

    I can assure you we NEVER stepped barefoot into the bathroom before the reno! I refused to move in to the house if I had to use that bathroom, so it was the first thing to be ripped out of our house when we got possession.

  2. Great-great niece - I love it! Have a fabulous time - but don't wear yourself out! :)

  3. Wow - love the yellow/white party; that bathroom makeover is amaazing! Love the bunting table cloth..I have a weird obsession with bunting; and that pale aqua kitchen...I would kill for it!

  4. I'm so, so glad you liked my post on Hey Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing it on your beautiful blog... I'm honored :) Hope you're having a great day!

  5. I looove Hey Gorgeous. Rhiannon has the best posts and I can't wait to see more from Lisa!


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