Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming Down the Pipes...

Today our Halle girl is already one month old (where has time gone?), and thankfully she's still pretty tiny... tiny enough to bathe in the kitchen sink. However, we know that she won't stay this small for much longer, which means that plans for our upstairs bathroom renovation are well underway...

Upstairs Bath - July 2011

It's not a big space, and it doesn't have much storage, so we want to utilize the space the best we can, and on a rather tight budget, as I am currently down to half of my salary while on maternity leave. With that in mind, B and I have started to collect inspiration, talk finishes, pick up stuff here and there and of course, put together a budget. 

At this point, we have a rough idea of how we want the layout to work, after all, we are pretty limited with space. So, when the opportunity has come up to grab pieces for our renovation, we've been all over it!

The first item that we acquired, you may remember we won through a giveaway that Janice hosted way back in April. It was the beautiful Victorian Two Handle Widespread Faucet from Delta. It came in chrome, and B and I knew it would be perfect for our new bathroom.

Delta Faucet

Gorgeous, right? What makes it even better is that the wonderful people at Delta hooked us up and sent us the matching Victorian Monitor 14 Series Tub and Shower trim in chrome! We're so happy that we'll have these two beautiful coordinating pieces from Delta in our gorgeous new bathroom!


And that's not all that we've got so far! My cousin works at a transport company, and one of their customers had ordered a bunch of tubs for a hotel project they were working on. However, when they showed up it was not what they needed, so we were able to score a brand new American Standard tub for only $165!! 

As for the rest of the main fixtures, we plan on using the low flow toilet that we already have, since we purchased it when we moved into our home two years ago. The vanity will all be brand new! We plan on recruiting my father to build it for us, and I've been pinning lots and lots of inspiration pictures - we have some really great ideas (hopefully he can keep up with our "demands"). So there you have it - our next big reno... that we plan on undertaking with a baby who is only a few months old, B working full time, and me back in my classes one night a week (I start back September 14th). Are we crazy!? Yes! Do we love it!? Absolutely!

Do you have any major renovations planned for this fall... or any major renovations you wish you could tackle this fall? 


  1. You guys are crazy. I will give you that. But you know it would just be boring any other way. Can't wait to see you bathroom remodel unfold in fancy style.

  2. Exciting!

    This fall, I'll be grateful for some reno-free down time! We've been at our reno for almost 5 months now and, now that it's almost done, I'm looking forward to just living in it for a while.

  3. wow! very exciting reno. It looks like you have some good space to work with...can't wait to see the progress, and of course the final when that time comes!

  4. Cannot wait to follow along with your renovation! You have such great style, I know it will be just fabulous. :)


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