Thursday, August 4, 2011

Designer Love - Jarlath Mellett

Today I have another fabulous designer to share with you - Jarlath Mellett, who I first discovered after this post that appeared on desire to inspire.

One of my favorite projects has to be this one, where the details really make the whole thing pop!

Jarlath Mellett Dining Room

When I saw this dining room above I loved it. It's so simple, but with the colour on those chairs and that stunning chandelier, you don't need much more in this room. I loved that Dominic Bromley light fixture from the moment I saw it in that photo... but then I saw this photo...


... and decided I must have one for myself at some point in my life. Seriously incredible!

Also great in this home... how about the upstairs hallway?

Jarlath Mellett Hallway

Love the contrast of not only the dark and light, but also the horizontal and vertical stripes. They take what could essentially be a tired, boring white hallway and really bring it to life!

Also crushing on this bedroom below, again, mostly for the lovely lighting fixture (B has recently pointed out my obsession with lighting. I simply explained it's because the perfect light fixture can dramatically change the whole look of a room... plus, we all know lighting is SO important in every single room of the house!).

Jarlath Mellett Bedroom2

But really, another thing I noticed about the above home, is the neutral rooms with hits of colour. From our own home, it's pretty obvious that this is exactly the way I like to roll!

Must say, I'm also a huge fan of this farmhouse located in Amagansett, NY... and it's not hard to guess why...

Jarlath Mellett Living Room Dining Room

What isn't there to love about this open living/dining space? Those ceilings! The built-in's! All of that natural light! That giant dining table and those gorgeous chairs! I'll take ALL OF IT!

Jarlath Mellett Dining Room

The relaxed nautical feel to this dining space is exactly my taste! Love the scale of the light fixture, and that fantastic red Atlantic sign in the next room. Perfection!

Speaking of perfection... check out the bedrooms in this place...

Jarlath Mellett Bedroom4

Jarlath Mellett BedroomJarlath Mellett Bedroom2

Jarlath Mellett Bedroom3

That last one has to be my favorite. With all of those shades of blue, and the fabulous use of typography on the wall. So fun for a kids room at a summer home.

Lastly... check out the gorgeous yard...

Jarlath Mellett Yard

Jarlath Mellett Yard2

Yup, I have some serious backyard envy going on... along with a very strong desire to have a gorgeous summer home like this to escape to. This is only just a small peek at the loveliness that is the portfolio of Jarlath Mellett... so be sure to head on over and drool over more gorgeous photos.

What do you love most about these homes?


  1. Wow, Kerry, having a baby doesn't seemed to have slowed you down!! Great pics, I've pinned a bunch!

  2. so light and airy, i love it!!

  3. Gah!! So gorgeous!! I would take any of those rooms, but especially that outdoor space!!

  4. Those interiors are beautiful!! But a house with wooden shingles gets me every time!

  5. FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Die.

  6. so gorgeous~ i adore all the outdoor spaces:)

  7. I just discovered Jarath last week too! I featured one of his spaces in a recent post:


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