Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nearing the End...

The last time I posted about the exterior of our front entrance, it was looking like this...

I may have been busy recently with school and other obligations, but B has been working his butt off, to have the room as ready as he can for a Christmas party we're hosting this coming weekend! So what has he been up to? Drywalling, taping, mudding, sanding, mudding some more, more sanding, getting some siding up outside, priming, painting, laying subfloor... you name it, he's been doing it! I'd like to share some interior progress, but I know there is a lot more coming in the next few days, so I'll leave that for another post. Here's what B and my Dad were doing last Friday...

It was cold, and snowy, but they braved it and spent the day measuring, cutting and putting up siding! The front was a little complicated with all of the cuts to fit to the shape and around the window... but after putting in a long day, our house now looks like this from the street...

Quite a difference from what it previously looked like, right?...

Doesn't it look more like that entrance belongs now, rather than looking like an afterthought that someone threw on there? Still some things we need to do.

- Paint red siding to match grey siding (spring)
- Paint railing & stairs on deck (spring)
- Paint front door (spring)
- Figure out what to do with the ugly stone veneer....
- Siding to be added to the left & right exterior walls
- Find new house number to go to left of our window
- Get our new mailbox in to the right of the stairs
- Find solution to cover block foundation
- Choose a pretty window box!

I just wish we'd have the money to repave the driveway as well... we're both dreaming of stamped concrete! (haha!)

So yes, lot's left to do to get to where we would like to be, but we're already so pleased with the improvements! It feels so much more like a home, and I'm so impressed with how much larger the interior of the home feels with this proper room at the front (no working closet yet, but SO SOON!). I'm staying home next week to relax before the holidays and prep some more, so I'll be sure to give you a full progress report on the interior!

What do you think of the look of our new exterior?


  1. That is a huge transformation!! I love the colour choice - what type of siding did you use?

    I think the house will look even more amazing in the spring once you finish up that list!

  2. Thanks Janice! :) I think the first thing we'll need to do in the spring is address that red colour! It's just not working with the grey! haha

    It's a board & batten siding that B ordered from Lowes! It came prepainted, which saved us a lot of time and hassle!

  3. I think it looks so fabulous and makes a huge difference to the look/function of your home- well done lady!! The painted grey at the top of the house will look amazing when it's done:) xo

  4. Girl, it looks so good! The deck makes a big difference!! Such an adorable house (:

  5. Wow Kerry, you guys have been so busy since the last update! It is looking sooooo good! And I love the colour you chose for the siding. The Spring is not that far off now!

  6. @LifeBegins@Thirty - It's Driftwood Gray by Cape Cod Siding ( We used a 10" Board and Batten system. The siding comes precoated with the paint baked onto it after the wood has been cured for a year. It has a 15yr warranty on the paint and if repainted with Cape Cod paint products, it's guaranteed for 50yrs against rot.

    Its a great product and not having to paint the whole thing at this time of year is a plus. You do however have to paint any cut edges with the supplied touch-up paint, not a big deal tho.

  7. Great job! Your husband is so handy. That is a lot of hard work that is definitely paying off!

  8. That is a drastic improvement already..and I know the interior is going to be even better :)

  9. Looks great guys! Can't wait to see it in the spring when you paint the rest of the siding grey. For now you have a 1/2 and 1/2 house like us. I can't wait to finish our exterior painting in the spring.

  10. it is looking so good. it is much more inviting!

  11. Brandi has a good point - when are you getting married? HA!

    Seriously though it looks amazing, great job Brett & Ker!

  12. Such a great and smart remodel! Now you have a porch. It looks so much better - congrats!

  13. You house looks charming! Great job.
    Enjoy your time off...

  14. Wow, Kerry, it looks fantastic. Nice work!! It'll be so nice to get a little chair and table and hang out on your new porch in the summer!

  15. oh wow chick! looks so great! all that hard work paid off:)

  16. Wow it looks great! So many fun projects to tackle in the spring, how exciting! :)

  17. Love the color, Kerry! Great job to everyone involved :)


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