Thursday, December 2, 2010

Burn Baby, Burn...

Yesterday as I was trolling through some of the usual blogs I haunt, my eye was once again caught by this photo from desire to inspire...

Want to know what it was that caught my eye? That fire screen! I'm officially adding one to my list of things we must get for our home. I started a search to see what I could find along the lines of city scape fire screens. The ones that popped up most often, were these ones created by an Italian design company, depicting London and Rome...

I found these here, but unfortunately every link I found to the company that produces them, no longer exists! Then I found it... the one from the photo...

Apparently it was designed by Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (that's him in the picture), and depicts Tre Kronor, which was demolished by a fire on May 7th, 1697. It sells for 13 500 SEK, which in Canadian, is almost $2000! Just a tad more than I was looking to spend on a fire screen, I think.

Have you seen anything else like them out there? What do you think of these very different, and very cool fire screens?


  1. Know what I need ? I'd love to find a screen for a pennisula fireplace. I don't think they exist.

  2. Those are really unique - I wonder if you could find someone who would do a custom skyline? The Cn Tower, in all it's glory :)

  3. Wow! That's awesome. I totally love it. Really different and definitely a conversation piece!


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