Thursday, December 16, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect - Christine's Family Room

Happy Thursday friends - this will be the last "Perfectly Imperfect" post of 2010... but we'll get right back into it in the new year! I promise! Today Christine from Just Bella Blog is here to share her family room! I've met Christine solely through the blog world, and it's crazy how well I feel I know her. I guess blogging about your life every day can do that, huh? Here's Christine's room...

I have to admit the first time Kerry asked me to submit my "perfectly imperfect" space, I thought hmmm, I most definitely have some imperfect rooms but perfectly imperfect - how about just imperfect.

But here is my family room and I think it fits the bill. This is probably the room we spend the most time in - hanging out, watching TV, folding laundry... dinner. Yes, I admit it, sometimes we eat here too - don't judge.

Here it is:

Meh, not too bad. A little bit beigy, a little bit bland... but cozy, comfortable and functional. But the most perfectly imperfect part of this space is the couch. Let's take a look shall we?

Yep, underneath this baby is a gorgeous, flowery number from the 90's. This couch was passed onto us from my in-laws when we bought our first house. It's still in great shape, comfortable and, with a new slipcover, as good as new! I have to tell you, we had thought this would be a more temporary thing but the more we lived with it, the more I loved it. Slipcovers are THE BEST. I love that I can whip it off and wash it whenever I want.

Here are a few more shots of the room.

I love my family photo wall, but usually it looks like this with the one photo always crooked. See, my husband sits here and likes to prop the pillow behind his head... hence the crooked photo. (Husband being played by the always adorable, Hughbert the bear ).

My view:

And to keep it really real, here's a shot of the room in full working action - laundry night:

Talk about keeping it real - thanks for sharing that laundry night shot Christine! I seriously love that teddy bear hanging out on your couch - it makes the whole space feel that much more cozy. I may join you for some "What Not to Wear" in the future.
Thanks for having me, Kerry!


  1. What a cozy living room! Christine, you have made me a believer of slipcovers!

  2. Thanks again for having me, Kerry! Seriously, people, slipcovers are the BEST! Though they do need a swift "tucking in" every now and then.

  3. And Kerry, you can come over for "What not to Wear" anytime!!

  4. Love this! I have to slip cover the couch in my apartment, too. The couch is so hideous!! And, Christine, we'd make great friends...I love Stacey and Clinton! Every Friday I'm there! (:

  5. I wish I could paint my once white leather couch...'cause poor thing does not look pretty at all!! :( White leather couches and kids do not go together...oh well...Couch came first thou

    BTW, I have nominated you for an award!! Gotta go here and check it out!! :D

  6. What a nice room! I really like the photo wall even if Hughbert, er, your husband always knocks the frame :)

  7. I'm not a huge fan of brown on brown but it does seem like a comfortable space.

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