Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dream Home - Blown Away in Bali

Today's request comes from my bloggy friend Jennifer, who asked me to hunt out a Bali home to escape our frigid nothern winters! How could I possibly say no?

This simple Villa was found on a site that is brand new to me, called Bali Ocean Front. I wasn't too pleased with the homes for sale, and the Villa's seemed to have more on offer. There may not have been a ton of photos for this one, but it won me over regardless, and with a price of roughly $643,000 CDN, what's not too love?

I love all of these outdoor spaces. I'm dreaming of wandering around these gorgeous grounds barefoot... something far from possible with the freezing cold temperatures we've been getting around here recently...

I'm also dreaming of being in a climate warm enough that going for a swim sounds like a good idea... and this looks like the perfect spot to enjoy the water!

Day or night, this outdoor living space looks like the perfect spot for entertaining! Dining, drinking or just hanging out... I may just spend all of my time there. Look at how lush and green those views are - just stunning! 

I think they could've done the bedroom more justice with a better shot. This angle is quite odd, and makes it hard to get any real idea of what the bedroom actually looks like. But it does appear to have a walk out to outside... and it's in Bali... so I'm sure it's just dreamy.

The kitchen is neutral... which is perfect for accessorizing those empty shelves with lots of lovely, colourful dishes!

I love absolutely everything about this bathroom... especially that shower! It's such a simple refreshing design - who wouldn't love to wake up with a shower... or a bath in this beautiful space?

I'm so ready to pack my bags and head off to a warmer climate right now! I've been busy, busy, busy, so I was happy to be able to take some time to hunt out this relaxing retreat... both for Jennifer and myself! Gave me the tiny little escape that I needed... even if only for a few brief moments!
Where do you dream of living? Is there someone near or far that you want me to search out your dream home?


  1. I would say this could be the deal of the century!! You could pay more for a 3 bedroom semi in Toronto! That pool is insane!

  2. OMG I'm moving to Bali!! lol

    Gorgeous house! Any only $643,000... that seems like a steal... I would pay that to be without snow ;)

  3. Oh! So pretty. And what a great price!! I'm SOLD!

  4. Thanks for finding my dream Bali home Kerry! It's exactly what I'm looking for - infinity pool, walkout from the bedroom, great open bathroom! Now if you could only help me find that extra $643k too, that would be great ;)


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