Thursday, December 9, 2010


Thanks to Christine over at Bijou and Boheme, I'll have one of Janet Hill's lovely pieces of work in my home very soon! If you must know... I picked this one:

We have a lot of prints that are still trying to find the right spot in our home, but we don't have anything that's really seasonal. I'm excited to have this pretty print to display each and every Christmas season.

Thanks again to both Christine and Janet! I'll share more when this beauty arrives.


  1. congrats! that is a beautiful print! love it~ will be so great in your house~

  2. i also believe in seasonal art. each Christmas a huge collage of my family and i in various Santa photos comes out. it's so funny to see a picture of my mom when she was a little girl at the Eaton Centre sitting on Santa's lap :)

  3. Luuuckkky. I was so excited when I saw you won, congrats, Kerry!

  4. When I read the headline "I won", I thought you were going to be talking about having me in your life. :-P

  5. oh, B! what a guy-that is totally something my boyfriend would say, too!

    congrats on your win, and your print is super cute!


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