Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect - Barbara's Dining / Living Room

Today I have a Canadian from the West Coast, Barbara from hodge:podge, sharing her Perfectly Imperfect Living / Dining room!

Thanks Kerry for allowing me to share with your readers a peek into what my home really looks like. As much as I would love my combined dining/living room to look neat and tidy like this:

 Instead is usually looks like this:

It is perpetually hockey and homework night in Canada at our house. With 3 kids, there is a constant pile of books and papers spread on the dining table. Both my husband and son play hockey several times a week and air out their lovely gear in the living room for all to see and smell! Since we live on the west where it rains quite a bit, airing out hockey gear in the garage just doesn’t work. We have no basement so they decided the next best thing is the living room. If it isn’t hockey gear then we have soccer bags, bikes, gym bags, and homework projects that make their way into our home, especially the living room.

Even though it would be nice to have a perfectly styled home, I wouldn’t trade our perfectly imperfect home for anything. I love it when the kids hang out downstairs and work on homework while I prepare dinner, it makes our family home feel full of life. Even our dog gets in on the action, hanging out in the middle of the living room barking at any squirrel that decides to venture into the yard!

Thanks for visiting, if you ever do come on over, I’ll make sure we tidy up!

Thanks so much for sharing Barbara! I can see why it may not be so bad to have the room a little full at times, because like you said at least it's full of life! What else are our homes really for?

I still have more great bloggers lined up, but if you have a perfectly imperfect space in your home that you would like to share, send me an email! I'd love to hear from  you!


  1. oh boy. My brother is a hockey player and growing up I knew that smell all too well!!

    Great space! And Barbara's doggie is so cute!

  2. We suffer from a lack of a basement too, so the hockey equipment gets aired out inside as well. It is so disgusting! Ha ha.

  3. This was a really sweet post.

    My first thought was at least its active and full of life, for get the mess!


  4. I have a dad & brother who played hockey, so I know what those hockey bags smell like! Eeek!

    It's fun to see rooms the way they REALLY are - you know, rooms the are actually LIVED in! Of course, perfectly staged rooms are beautiful to look at, but rooms with hockey bags and dogs and homework all over the table are what make real homes :-)

    Thanks to Barbara for sharing her perfectly imperfect home :-)

  5. Seriously love this feature Kerry!
    And ah yes, hockey smell... There is nothing like it.
    You think someone would come up with some non-stinky gear materials - Talk about a genius business idea!
    {ps. check out my new giveaway - you look divine in bling!}

  6. Great post - the room looks gorgeous even with the 'stuff' in it!

  7. Thanks for having me air out my dirty laundry,er, hockey stuff on your blog Kerry! It was so fun to show the world what my house looks like 90% of the time. Can't wait to see what other blogger's perfectly imperfect spaces look like!

  8. love it! nothing better than a room full of life~

  9. this is a great series.
    unlike the hockey equipment.


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