Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Checking In (On the To-Do List)

This year is flying by, and some of you may remember that B and I had a pretty ambitious to-do list for 2011. I checked in on our progress back in early April, but thought it was about time we took another look at what we've accomplished to date. So here is where we stand...

- Create a Nursery for our Little Girl - DONE!
     - If you missed this one, you can check out our nursery reveal right here

Create a Proper Master Bedroom - DONE!

     - Okay, well, the room itself is not 100% completed, but it's a much better master bedroom than it was before and we definitely accomplished a lot including adding some personal artwork and making our own headboard!


Add Half Glass Wall to Basement Shower - Not Started

Finish Trim in Basement Bathroom - Not Started

Finish Trim and Paint in Basement Living Area - Not Started

Create Storage for Basement Living Area - Not Started

 Get Basement Seating Bench Cushion Covered - In Progress

     - Well, I finally picked out the fabric and even brought the fabric and the cushion along to my parents... unfortunately it's not done yet! Eventually though...

Add Doors and Trim to my Craft Room / Office - In Progress

     - There may not be doors yet, but B started adding trim to the room when we were working on some laundry room projects not too long ago. Still a lot left to be done, but we're happy that progress is being made on this room once again!

Get Proper Storage and Organize my Craft Room / Office - In Progress

     - Back in the winter we picked up an IKEA dresser which has added a great deal of functional storage to my space. The desk that B built helps as well, but this is something that can still be improved upon. I guess it's kind of an ongoing thing...

Landscape Front and Backyard - In Progress

     - We were definitely far too ambitious to think that we would landscape both areas this year. The backyard pretty much needs a complete overhaul, but at least we got some great landscaping done out front this year!   

Complete Closet in Front Entrance - DONE!

     - This was happily one of the first things we crossed off of our to-do list for this year! You can check out the reveal of our front entrance interior right here

Better Utilize Storage and Shelving in Kitchen - In Progress

     - B started this when he added some shelving to our large kitchen pantry. It's definitely helped with storage, especially with the abundance of baby stuff we're not storing in the kitchen. I am however, unsure about how much better we can make it without renovating the entire kitchen... which is further down the line than we would like.

Finish Front Exterior Work
  - Complete Siding  - DONE!
  - Paint Front Door - DONE!
  - Paint Aluminum Siding - DONE!
  - Add Window Box and New House Number - Not Started
  - Get New Mailbox up - DONE!

... at least all of our hardwork paid off, as the front of our home is looking far more inviting these days...

Painted Door - July 2011

Renovate Second Floor Bathroom - Coming this Fall! (YAY!)
     - You can check out what I've shared about this project so far, right here.
Put Up Railing on Main Floor and Basement Stairs - Not Started

Finish Recovering my Garage Sale Chair  - Not Started

Get Our Personal Artwork Framed - DONE!

     - You can check out our artwork that we got framed right here
Wish List Items: A few things we'd like to see happen around here, but we didn't count on actually getting around to...

Build a new back deck - This has been moved to next spring / summer
Stucco the old brick on our home
Paint the Garage Doors - DONE! (Thanks to B and his Dad!... yeah I still need to get a picture of that)
Finish Painting our Kitchen Cabinets White - Not sure this is worth it anymore...

So not too bad really! Of the 17 items on our list, we've completed 5, started 5, have 1 coming along very soon, and 6 that still need to be addressed... and we do hope we can cross off our list at some point this year. I consider this to be very successful since I was pregnant January - July... and we still managed to complete some stuff after Halle arrived!

The best part about things not being crossed off of our list yet?... There's still a lot more to blog about! 

Do you have a to-do list that you've been trying to tackle this year? How successful have you been so far with your projects?


  1. I just discovered your blog and it's great, I noticed you are Canadian, even better!! I will subscribe right away :)

  2. Girl, you have been at it! Great projects, awesome execution! Can't wait to see the others come to life!

  3. Is that To Do list for this year for the next decade? :) You guys are so productive. Enjoy this time while Halle sleeps soundly and isn't mobile. Kids have a way of slowing projects down, lol. Good work so far...hope you get it all done!

  4. I must say I am impressed with your productivity levels - you have accomplished so much at such a busy time ;) Congrats! Keep the posts coming, looking forward to seeing the end results of your landscaping project and your reupholstery project.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  5. Holy smokes girlfriend look at you go! Love that front door too, and you know why ;) xoxo


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