Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Because...

I may be a little tired as someone kept me up a little more than usual last night (but I guess it still wasn't as bad as it could've been). However, I must say I'm enjoying my morning. It's a gorgeous Saturday and the neighbourhood is so quiet - all I can hear are the birds in the yard.

I'm enjoying my (still hot) tea, and may even spoil myself with a second - as this little munchkin naps away next to me in her vibrating swing...

Early Smiles - August 19, 2011

My new favourite photo of her. She started smiling yesterday (just in time to absolutely win everyone over at the office). I tried snapping a picture on my Blackberry as we were leaving for our visit, but it was too slow and this was the end of a huge smile. Sadly... she hasn't shared any of her adorable gummy smiles with her Daddy yet. She was too tired yesterday and pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon... and evening.

Hard to believe that she's four weeks today... and yes, I kind of just wanted a reason to share another adorable photo of our little girl. 

Happy Saturday! 


  1. lol I love seeing pictures of her! She's so cute! I think she looks *just* like B in this one

  2. so adorable! glad you are having a nice morning! enjoy the day!

  3. Kerry she is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Soak up every moment of her being so tiny...four weeks already OMG! ;) Toooo cute! Sending snuggly wishes your way xoxox

  4. little Halle is just the sweetest. I love her cute smile/tongue sticking out!

  5. She is so cute!! I would pick her up and squish her all the time!!! Makes me want another one...

    Have the second tea, you won't always get the chance so you gotta take it when you can.

  6. She is so beautiful Kerry! Love this photo of her. Enjoy these sweet days as they go by too fast.


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