Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Autumn Projects

Autumn is just around the corner... we're talking, less than a month away. This summer sure has flown by. B and I figure it has a lot to do with the fact that we spent most of the summer waiting anxiously for our little girl to arrive. In any case, Autumn is just about here and it's time to start getting ready for it!

The past couple of years, B and I haven't done too much in the way of Autumn decorating. Now that I'm playing stay at home Mommy to Halle, I hope to accomplish a bit more Autumn decorating this year and tackle some of the projects that I've put up on my Pinterest

Every year since we've moved in, I've been on the hunt for the perfect Autumn wreath... and I have yet to find or make it. I have vowed that this is the year! We need something to adorn our happy yellow door, and this is some inspiration I've come across...

Autumn Wreath

Would love to do something like this in oranges and reds! My only concern is... how well does felt stand up to the weather conditions that we get? Will a wreath like this hold up for a couple of months in the elements?

Autumn Wreath2

Along with creating a beautiful wreath, I'd love create a pretty garland to adorn our mantle. I had this little project saved to my pinterest, and thought I could do something similar and make some autumn leaves using paint chips...

Garland Inspiration

I've already started to stock up on red, orange and yellow paint chips from Home Depot!

And who doesn't want to bring a little of the outside in as well at this time of year!?

via pinterest

What a simple idea, with some branches and little tags! Spend October or November (depending on which Thanksgiving you celebrate), writing down what your thankful for! This is something maybe we can make a tradition with Halle. 

Speaking of tradition, these little pumpkin votive holders are always on our Thanksgiving table...

votive holder

We always pick up a bunch of tiny pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and just use a drill to make a hole big enough for the votive! Instant candle holder! Love it!

Though this project isn't really Autumn specific, it's another one I'd like to tackle in the coming season...

style at home via pinterest

It's a project I originally saw in Style at Home magazine, and knew it would be great in our front entrance! We could use a box for hanging keys, maybe mount some photos in another and switch our seasonal decor in others... depending on how many we make.

Yup - lots I'd like to do this season - we'll see if it all gets done on top of the other stuff we plan on tackling... you know, like our bathroom renovation. Have you been pinning any fun projects that you just haven't had the time to tackle yet?


  1. I have a Halloween/pumpkin display lined up, but that's it. I really, really liked that first wreath with the rose buds, so I may add that to my list!

  2. I always have so many pinned, and too little time! I would love to buckle down for some craft time :) love the first wreath

  3. That first wreath is so pretty! Our front door is the same color blue. Think I have a project on my hands...thanks for the inspriation!

  4. Ohh I like all those projects. Especially that cozy colorful wreath. I swear everytime I sit down to visit Pinterest I am thinking "I need to stop looking at these photos and make some things!"

  5. is it fall already?? no no no! I would love the 2nd wreath though... :) maybe I'll get around to making one this year too. It's amazing how many things are on our to-do lists that we never get around to. But it would be a great activity to do with Baby C, and that's always a great thing :)

  6. I have been thinking about fall decor as well, mostly thinking about a modern door hanging. Love the one you found on etsy with the yellow rosettes. Hope you and little Halle are doing well :)


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