Monday, April 4, 2011

A Quick ReVisit

Happy Monday! I trust you all enjoyed your weekend! We actually had some incredibly lovely weather, and I was so glad to get outside and enjoy it on Saturday. Yesterday, while we cleaned up and prepared for some guests, B and I even had windows open, and it was so nice to have a fresh breeze in our home! I did get to visit the One of a Kind Show on Saturday and I loved wandering around at my own pace and meeting so many lovely artisans. Everyone was so friendly and fabulous and I can't wait to share my favorites with you tomorrow. For today... I have a whole different type of review I'd like to do.

As some of you may remember, back in January I posted a pretty hefty "to-do list" for our home in 2011. It was never our intention or belief that every single one of these items would be crossed off of our list. However, at this point we've gone 3 months out of the year already, and I must say, I'm impressed with the progress we made. I thought that this would be a good time to do a little "quarterly review" of what we've accomplished so far...


- What will become the nursery was once our old "master bedroom" (it wasn't very master-like), we officially moved out of it on February 27th! JOY!
- During a trip to the The National Home Show, we made our first nursery purchase
- In mid-March we finally got the nursery cleaned out, allowing us to get primer on the walls
- I also committed to some lovely fabric which is inspiring the direction I want to take with our nursery

Once we finish painting the trim this week, furniture will finally be moved in and I can really start getting down to decorating. I'm so excited to share this project as it progresses!

Create a Proper Master Bedroom - IN PROGRESS

- On the long weekend in February Brett and I began construction for our built-in night stands
- B hardwired some IKEA lamps over our built-in nightstands... we both love them
- We moved in the following weekend, after finishing lighting and painting... even though it wasn't quite finished yet

I'm currently working on some artwork for the room, and once my classes end this month I want to get our headboard completed as well. For now, we're happy with our bright and airy space.

Add Half Glass Wall to Basement Shower - NOT STARTED

Finish Trim in Basement Bathroom - NOT STARTED

Finish Trim and Paint in Basement Living Area - NOT STARTED

Create Storage for Basement Living Area - IN PROGRESS

- By simply purchasing a new couch for the basement, we gained a ton of hidden storage space for extra bed linens and throw blankets! So perfect!

We hope to get some built-ins done on either side of the fireplace in the basement... we're not in any rush to complete it before the peanut arrives. We definitely have more important things to worry about.

Get Basement Seating Bench Cushion Covered - IN PROGRESS

- I finally committed to and ordered my fabric for this in late January... now just to get the cover sewn up.

Add Doors and Trim to my Craft Room / Office - NOT STARTED

Get Proper Storage and Organize my Craft Room / Office - IN PROGRESS

- In January I participated in an Organization party of sorts, which spurred on the purchase of some organization products and cleaning up my Craft Room / Office

B and I would like to get my counter, sink and trim finished soon. Maybe him and my father will also get the doors installed on the room as well.

Landscape Front and Backyard - NOT STARTED

Complete Closet in Front Entrance - DONE

- I revealed the completed interior construction of our front entrance (closet included) in late February.
- Though the room is still waiting on some decorative touches, we consider this item finished. Our main purpose was to make the front entrance functional again, and ready for baby item storage!

Better Utilize Storage and Shelving in Kitchen - NOT STARTED

Finish Front Exterior Work - IN PROGRESS

- Last weekend, B got back outside and made more progress on our siding, as well as got our new mailbox up (no more confused mailmen around here)
- On a shopping trip we committed to some really great planters for the front of our home (yet to be blogged about)

Renovate Second Floor Bathroom - NOT STARTED

Put Up Railing on Main Floor and Basement Stairs - NOT STARTED

Finish Recovering my Garage Sale Chair - NOT STARTED

Get Our Personal Artwork Framed - DONE!

- We dropped the two pieces we had in mind off at Michael's in late February and picked them up at the start of March! That's ANOTHER crossed off the list!

We also had a few wish list items that we threw in for fun (we REALLY didn't have any expecations for these... they were more like "would-be-nice-to-haves").

Build a New Back Deck

Stucco the Old Brick on our Home

Paint the Garage Doors

Finish Painting our Kitchen Cabinets White

As I said... hefty list! However, at only a quarter way through this year I am extremely impressed with everything that we have accomplished already! I'd say that since we had 17 items in total it's not bad that we've;
- completed 2
- started 6 
- have 9 more to tackle (not including our little extra's wish list) 

We're in pretty good shape! Maybe with baby on the way it's really motivated us to get going?
Do you have your own "to-do" or wish list for this year? Any major projects you want to, or have already tackled?


  1. Well that was a very aggressive list!! Impressive you completed as much as you did!

    Have you done a post about your completed basement?

  2. It definitely is an agressive list for this year, especially with baby on the way, but that's us. We enjoy spending our weekends and evenings working on the house.

    As for the basement... it's not completed. We still have some painting and trim, etc to tackle. We've kind of had to leave it "as is" for the moment while more important projects were moved to the front... like that front entrance that needed to be completed before our follow up energy audit that we had done in February. We'll get back to it eventually... but it's still a million times better than it was before the reno started! :)

  3. Wow Kerry - all that accomplished and with a baby on the way. Congrats and good luck finishing up what you can!

  4. Looks like you are doing great with tackling that list! Looking forward to seeing the finished products! :)

  5. You're doing fabulous especially considering you have a baby on the way Miss Kerry!! Can't wait to see all of the finished products when you get them done. It's going to look just beautiful! xo

  6. Nothing like the threat of sleepless nights to light a fire under your butt! I'm so impressed with how much you guys have accomplished! Nice work.

  7. Wow...y'all are doing lots of amazing things!! I totally need to make a list like this!!


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