Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One of a Kind Spring Show - Revisited

This past Saturday, I spent some time on my own wandering the floor of the One of a Kind Spring show. As I've mentioned before I LOVE the One of a Kind Show and never miss it (check out my review / favorites from the Christmas show right here).

As you've probably read from other bloggers, the Spring show is not quite as large as the Christmas show, and is more focused on fashion and jewelry. Needless to say, I was largely drawn to baby related items this time around (no surprise there, right?). Of course, I brought along my camera, with every intention of snapping some great photos of my favorite booths, but it died before I even arrived at the show. FANTASTIC! So, here are some of my favorite booths that I visited this past Saturday...

The creations of Lesley-Anne Green were far too cute to pass by without giving them a closer look! They were adorable and whimsical... and what can I say, anything that would look cute in a nursery is speaking to me right now.

Make sure to swing by her blog and check out all of the cute felted animals she creates. I so wanted to take one home with me for the nursery... but we're on a budget right now. So I had to take her card and save it for future reference.

I was immediately drawn into the booth of Lillian Chiu of Bamboo Lily when I saw the adorable beach robes that said "Peanut" on the back....

I loved the cute selection of baby and toddler clothes made of bamboo. What's better than something that is eco-friendly and will be super soft and breathable against babies skin? Check out all of the little outfits she has on offer over at her online shop.

Speaking of bamboo clothes for baby, I was also happy to stumble across the booth for babibu.

Again, a wonderful booth full of soft and sweet clothing and blankets for baby, that were breathable. I had to tear myself away from a tiny yellow onesie I wanted for the Peanut. Restraint people. But check out their online store... lots of cute goodies!

Liligo was brand new to the show this spring, and I loved the adorable little outfits they had, all made from vintage bedsheets. The patterns and colours were so fantastic, and I was so happy to learn that they could be used as a dress for baby, but then as a swing top as baby gets a little older. It's nice to know your investing not only in a recycled pieces that's been given a second life, but also something that baby isn't going to grow out of too fast.

Cute, right? Check out more on their website.

I left with a little something from another new artist, Electropura.

They sold baby and toddler clothes made from vintage t-shirts. So what did I leave with? This cute little Wagamama t-shirt.

Why? Ever since my first visit to a Wagamama in London, England in February of 2005, I've been collecting t-shirts of all of the one's I visit. I picked one up when we were in Dublin in 2009, but they had already stopped making them by city, so my shirt says "Wagamama Ireland". Add another one to the collection, from a city I've visited... but for baby! Excellent!

Of course, not everything I looked at was baby related. One of my favorite home decor related booths had to be Dotti Potts.

The gorgeous pottery and jewelry made me want to take one of each home. Again, I was good and just admired and brought home one of her postcards so I could shop sometime in the future.

I did leave with something other than that cute little tee as well. I made a stop into the Spa Sisters booth and absolutely fell in love with their line of baby products.

I was so excited to find something I could use for both me, and baby, without having to worry about the ingredients. It was also great to meet a twitter friend in real life. Check out their online store... they have more great products (not just baby stuff) that are all made with pure and natural ingredients. How can you say no to that?

Lastly, I couldn't not share with you the whimsy that was Wonderchild Studio.

There were gorgeous full scale sculptures, as well as tiny little 1/12 scale dollhouse scupltures that blew me away. So cute and so tiny. Loved looking at everything in her booth.

I know... baby overload. I apologize, I just couldn't help it on this shopping outting. There's always more design and decor related posts to come, but I just couldn't not share my favorites from the One of a Kind Show. I'm already looking forward to December!

Did you attend the show? What were some of your favorite artists and booth's to visit. I love knowing who to check out the next time around.


  1. Gorgeous stuff!! Couldn't go this year, but I need to go to the next one! Such cute baby stuff and I love the Dotti Pots pottery!! I adore textured monochrome pottery :)

  2. Oh I loved those felted animals! I wanted to buy all of them! And Dotti Pots is so adorable!

  3. I love the OOAK show! As for the baby dresses made from vintage fabric, my parents had bedsheets in he yellow orange floral fabric the dress on the far right was made from!

  4. I missed the show - we had company all weekend. What cool baby products you found! Loving those felted animals :)

  5. what fantastic stuff! and all the amazing baby finds! sounds like such a great time:)

  6. Miss the baby days - such cute finds! I love Dottie Potts too and own a few of their bowls.


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