Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Final Product

As I have mentioned more times than I am sure any of you cared to read about, I've spent the majority of my time over the last couple of weeks finishing up my final project. Monday night I headed to class with my two giant boards in hand, and a binder full of client questionnaires, a design concept statement, finishes and furniture schedules and all kinds of other fun stuff, and presented my final concept and space plan.

Since I already shared some of my inspiration photos with you the other week, I thought it would only be appropriate for me to share with you my final work.

Everyone in the class was given the same floor plan and we were given permission to remove and change interior walls as needed. Exterior walls were not to be changed. Here's what I came up with...


Please be kind... with the exception of the walls, I was drawing everything by hand. No fancy computer programs for me.

So what you're seeing is what B's dream home would look like if he were a bachelor. The double doors in the centre of the plan are the entrance. Everything to the right are the social spaces in the home, while the left portion of the home contains the private spaces. Let's start with the social spaces, shall we?

B wanted an open concept that was suitable for entertaining large numbers of guests... every weekend. He didn't require formal dining, but wanted special feeding stations for his two dogs. He also asked for somewhere to display his sports awards, memorabilia and professional recognitions, along with a large TV that would be visible to  the entire open plan entertaining space...


I removed all of the walls, and pushed the kitchen from it's original location in the middle, to where the formal dining area once existed. This gives him a ton of space to cook and still interact with his guests. At the bottom of the kitchen, there is a small bar area with a sink and under counter double "beverage" refrigerator.

The seating area located in the bay window also doubles as the dog's feeding station. Drawers underneath pull out and contain the dogs water and feeding dishes, and cupboards on either end act as storage for leashes, treats, dog food etc.

Since B didn't require formal dining, we decided to go with a Fushion Table just off the kitchen area which I am sure, would mostly be a pool table, but could also become a dining table when necessary (or a great place to just hang out with friends and play cards, etc). The far right is a seating area, where we placed the Fulham Leather L Sectional, a Leather Copenhagen Chair and a Brickmaker's Table, all from Restoration Hardware. The TV would be mounted over the fireplace, and all along the walls we installed built-in bookcases for B to display his collections. He loved that the TV over the fireplace would make for easy viewing right into the kitchen. Mission accomplished.

The other room considered part of his social space was the "Smoking Lounge" (again, B is not a smoker... I guess if he was a bachelor he would just enjoy cigars with his buddies).


I kept the layout pretty simple in here. Two humidors on either side the doorway, two Leather Copenhagen Chairs, a basic Fulham Leather Sofa and the Rotunda Coffee Table from Anthropologie.

All of the flooring through the social spaces was natural stone (12 x 24 tiles) with in floor heating. I wanted to use something durable that would stand up to the abuse of the guest's he would be entertaining, as well as two dogs. B was pleased.

Then there are the private spaces...


One of the additional bedrooms became B's home gym, while the second was transformed into a guest suite with it's own small seating area and TV, as well as access to the home's second full bathroom.

B's master retreat (at the top), is where I used two Industrial Tool Chest's as nightstand's on either side of the bed, and the Industrial Tool Chest Console was placed by the foot of the bed to hold his TV, and act as additional storage.

His master bath had double sinks, a separate water closet and a huge steam shower... Lucky boy.

My final concept board looked like this...




There you have it... my final project. I'll know on Monday how I did, but I felt pretty good about it - this being my first crack at interviewing a client and designing an entire home. Definitely a learning experience, and I for sure need to practice my rendering skills.

But that's it! I'm off until September, so I hope to have more time to share nursery progress and other home projects that I plan to take care of in the next few months! We're busy bees over here!


  1. Kerry it looks fantastic!!! I can't believe you drew all of those elements by hand- I totally thought it was computer rendering. I think your open dining/great room looks fantastic and I love the idea of private/public spaces being seperated by sides. Everything looks brilliant and you should be very proud of yourself- great great work!!! xo

  2. Kerry, you did an amazing job! And your drawing skills are actually really good! I love the final concept board because it really pulls everything together and shows how well you coordinated all the materials. Well done!!

  3. It looks amazing! I draw floor plans on autocad everyday, and I love it when people put furniture on it, as you can really imagine the space better. Love the floor plan too....

  4. I wish I could have you take me through it in person...really great job!

  5. Very Good. I love the partial colouring of the flooring. What mediums did you use. I see pencil, did you use markers as well ? Any elevations ? I know the hard work this takes so you have my sympathies. What course was this for ? I've taken two semesters off and will go back in September.

  6. That looks AMAZING! Wow, your "free" hand is fantastic. I am sooo jealous, wish I were taking interior design. I miss my high school drafting days!

  7. It looks SO SO SO great! Your rendering skills are amazing!!! Love the makes it look so real for a client to imagine themselves there (:

  8. Thanks so much everyone! It means a lot to me to read all of your wonderful comments.

    @Katherine - I mainly used markers. Pencil was used for the stone flooring and also the bedspread in the guest room (so I could match it to the material). No elevations for this course. This class was called Interior Space Planning and Presentation Fundamentals. So the focus was definitely on understanding clearances and code, etc for designing rooms. My next class is Business where I hear we'll do a similar project, after we build a business brand & materials, and we'll have to take budget and everything into account for it.

  9. Thanks for sharing your boards! I am also in school and it's always great to see what others are doing. I recently came across your blog and have enjoyed reading it - look forward to more great posts!

  10. WOW!!! Blown away Kerry!! It all came together so nicely! I know exactly how much work you put into these projects, I watched Amanda slave over hers for hours {sometimes I would help... shhh don't tell!}

    Oh and thank you for sharing your work... I only think that I have been bugging you about it for months! :)

  11. Girly! What in the world, it looks amazing! You have got some mad talent

  12. This is truly amazing! I love it. And yes you are extremely talented!

  13. It looks so good! I love the colours you used and great job on the board layouts it looks amazing!

  14. Love it!! I definitely know the pain of drafting by hand, but it looks amazing!! Great job Kerry!!


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