Monday, April 18, 2011

A Long Distance Baby Shower

This weekend was 100% focussed on my final project. The finishing touches were put on, and I'm looking forward to presenting tonight, and then being off to enjoy this time and prepare for the peanut (a.k.a kick my nesting into high gear). Thankfully, B made some progress in the nursery, so hopefully something to share with you as the week goes on.

In the meantime, I've been meaning to share this great idea with you ever since B's family came up for our 3D ultrasound. With B's family living down in Massachusetts, they knew it would be a bit of a challenge to throw us a traditional baby shower. On top of that, B's lovely Mom was also aware of our limited storage space, so in lieu of the traditional shower she came up with this fantastic idea...

B's Mom and her best friend (B's godmother) put together some little cards to send to family members and close friends, asking them to write a little note to B and I about becoming parents. Whether it was advice or well wishes, and I must say - we got some very sweet sentiments!

Album Cover

Along with the little card, she asked that in lieu of a gift they send along a cheque that we could use towards items we need for the baby.

Long Distance

Once everything was back to B's mom, the two of them worked diligently to piece together a beautiful photo album full of family photos and sweet words that we will one day be able to share with our peanut. Almost brings me to tears to think of how loved we both are, and how loved this little peanut is (who hasn't even arrived yet!)

Mommy and B
Baby B and his Mommy

Baby B
Baby B

The time and thought put into it was so much more than either of us ever could of asked, and the generosity from our family south of the border was immense! Rather than receiving all kinds of cute clothes and other little odds and ends, we were able to put the money towards baby's crib, mattress, stroller and car seat... and we still have enough left over to go shopping for a nice chair for the baby's room. YES! I KNOW! We're so incredibly lucky to have such great family and friends.

Sweet Sentiments

Oh... and when they presented us with our lovely gift... we were noming some delicious cupcakes that B's sister brought from a bakery called Sugar Bakery.

There WERE six... unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to snap a photo before a certain Man in my life had already grabbed one. Boy were they DELICIOUS! (The top right was my favorite... it was a raspberry flavoured one. You'll always win me over with anything lemon or raspberry!

Have you ever been thrown a shower or party that was a little different than you expected? Would love to hear of other unique shower / party ideas! 


  1. What a sweet idea! I just had the traditional baby shower, but with you having so many relatives out of country, it was the perfect touch!

  2. This is just so so precious. Indeed you are very lucky to have so much love surrounding you and your little peanut. So happy for you!! xo

  3. how thoughtful is that? Your baby is coming into a lot of love...

  4. How fun, Kerry! What a special gift. She is so loved already (:

  5. That is a really cute and a great idea for any baby shower.

  6. Such a thoughtful gift! It will make a great keepsake for your babe.

  7. Sounds like a lovely shower idea. The cupcakes look great too!

  8. Such a sweet gift. Enjoy your nesting. I remember scrubbing the tops of the kitchen cupboards and making big batches of stew for the freezer!

  9. How sweet! You must be thrilled, and super excited!
    Hope your presentation was perfect!


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