Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lighting Love - Lamp Goods

Recently I've been thinking a lot about all of the horrible, ugly light fixtures in our home (among a million other things). I'd love to replace the ugly boob lights on the top floor and the not so nice fan that we have in the living room. It may not be in the budget at the moment, but that hasn't kept me from looking around at different options. During one of my "browsing sprees" the other day, I stumbled across the Etsy shop Lamp Goods. I instantly fell in love with EVERYTHING...

I'd love to see one of the below in our tiny little upstairs landing (yes a tiny patch of carpet off of which are the doors to both bedrooms and the bathroom).

Cary's Mill Clear Holophane Ceiling Light

Island Falls II Clear Globe Made Ceiling Light

There is also a beautiful selection of Milkglass / Schoolhouse fixtures that I absolutely adore. Just were to put them...

Ellisworth Vintage Milkglass Pendant

Vintage Art Deco Milkglass Pendant

In all, I just loved browsing through all of the lovely fixtures that they had on offer...

Industrial Original Mix Media Pendant Light

Vintage Canning Jar Chandelier

Vintage Canning Jar Ceiling Light

I'd say the price is pretty good for these creations! Where is your favorite place to shop for beautiful or unique lighting options? I'm always on the look out for new sources, with reasonable prices. Who knows... maybe if I were to stumble across the right light fixture at the right price, I may be able to convince B of replacing some of the fixtures in our home! (A girl can dream)


  1. Great find, Kerry! I love the shadows cast by those first few shades. I'm sure you've been there, but
    has some really great peices with a vintage twist. I'm going to check out this etsy shop - x

  2. The vintage canning jar chandelier has to be mine! I LOVE IT!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog!

  3. I hear ya! I want to replace our ugly foyer light, but i have NO budget for it....(sigh)

  4. So gorgeous! And definitely not nearly as expensive as I would expect them to be!

  5. Fabulous lighting! So classic and simple, yet elegant. Those canning jar lights are so unique! Thanks for sharing. And, thanks for the comment today! Every time I look at that art, I smile... which is the type of thing I'd love to have in my house... but, I'm running out of spots. haha.

  6. those milk glass ones would look great as drop lights in a kitchen, maybe one with darker cabinets?

  7. Looooove the jar chandelier and the ceiling light. Yay for inspiration!

  8. Lighting is so fun. Loving all these pieces, how great are the vintage jars!

  9. I love lighting! It's one of the first things I updated in our new home. I couldnt live with the builder classics! I especially like the selection at LITES in Guelph.

  10. I love those vintage jar lights!!


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