Tuesday, April 5, 2011

B's Dream Bachelor Pad

I know that I never write about school and the projects I am working on. Strange, I know, but I think it's largely because I use this blog as my little escape during the week. Whatever the reason, I have come to my senses and want to begin sharing with you my final project for my current course. The class focuses on the process of taking on projects with clients and working on space plans, design concepts, presentation skills, etc... and I am loving.every.second.of.it.

For our final project our teacher has given us a giant floor plan and it's our job to undergo the process of interviewing a "real client" and then taking all of the right steps to design a space for them. In my case, I decided to use B as my client and we'll be making this home into his ultimate bachelor pad. After having B fill out my questionnaire, and the two of us sat down and talked and reviewed the floor plan I'm beginning to work my way through how each room will work for him. In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you some of my inspirational images for his home. We're going for a slightly industrial feel for my handyman, and of course all masculine...

The clean lines and materials used in this kitchen are exactly what B had asked for. Only, I hope to use stone for the flooring throughout his home... with underfloor heating. He plans to entertain a lot, so he's going to want something to stand up to all of abuse.

Brittany shared the above table on her blog last week, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be great in B's dream bachelor pad. Thanks Brittany!

I also knew that the Brickmaker's Table from Restoration Hardware would be right up B's alley. Of course, he loved it.

There were no doubts that with the materials used in the bathroom above, it would serve as great inspiration for the bathroom's in B's bachelor pad.

I was impressed when B picked out the Leather Copenhagen chair on his own, while we were on the Restoration Hardware website. He's asked that I put one in his "smoking lounge" (no, B is not a smoker... but I guess in his dream bachelor world he'd have friends over to enjoy pricey cigars in his lounge).

He also liked my pick of the Fulham Leather L-Sectional. We'd probably use this one in the main entertaining space, and possibly include a smaller version in his smoking lounge.

As soon as I saw the Industrial Tool Chest on Restoration Hardware, I knew they would make the perfect nightstands for the bedroom. B agreed, and if there is an apporpriate room, I'd also like to incorporate the Industrial Tool Chest Console. They are very cool... and very B.

I had the best time last night rummaging through the sample room at school and finding some fantastic stones, hardwoods, leather, fabrics and a cork rubber floor for his home gym. It's slowly coming together, but this week I'll be working extra hard to figure out the perfect floor plan.

What do you think of my inspiration for B's own "imaginary" man world? :)


  1. I love B's imaginary world! I would actually like a few of these pieces in my home, as long as they were put alongside some colourful and feminine pieces....especially that sectional! It looks so comfy! But I bet the price is astronomical!!

  2. I love the eggish chair and that leather sectional is insane- definitely a perfectly chic boys room..nice work lady!!

  3. Very masculine indeed, my husband would love it too. It's fun when you're spending imaginary money right? :)

  4. i love it--very manly! the sectional is awesome!

  5. Very cool!! And you are very welcome haha I love what you paired it with!

  6. Holy cow that couch is over $10 000!

    I love everything you've picked out. Maybe I have more masculine design sensibilities? The idea of a smoking room for cigars is also pretty cool. Well done, Kerry.

  7. Very fun! The "Ultimate Man-Cave" - can't wait to see it shape up. Very fun to see what you are working on at school - no fair we don't have this class haha.

  8. Awesome!!! Such a great design! (:

  9. Looking at it, the brick wall works great as a smoking room. That framed piece and the brown leather couch gave it an old-school New York train station appeal. I'm sure once it come to fruition, B will love to stay in that man cave and have his friends come over!

  10. B's dream bachelor pad sounds really amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product. I especially like the bathroom picture because I think it's the manliest part of his dream house.


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