Monday, August 9, 2010

Recruiting Your Help

Alright, time for me to ask for your help with another search. You may remember that back at the end of June I shared my plans to help my friends decorate the nursery for their new baby. Part of the moodboard that I shared was an adorable little leather hippo, that our mommy-to-be fell in love with instantly. Shannon, was so kind and shared with me the company that produced a similar little hippo (the one on my moodboard turned out to be one worth hundreds of british pounds... no thanks!). I was thrilled and instantly began my hunt for the fantastic little Zuny Hippo bookend!

Cute, right? According to the Zuny website, their little collection of animals are available at Chapter's and Indigo stores across Canada. That's it! I figured it couldn't be that hard and have stopped at every Chapters / Indigo store that I have passed since late June. This past Sunday when we were out shopping, the Chapter's we stopped into turned out to be the flagship store and the manager told me they carried the whole line, so my precious hippo is probably discontinued. NO!

After poking around a little more today, I realized the hippo is from their Classic line, and the only "Classic" bookend I have come across in stores in the Teddy Bear. So I need to ask - has anyone come across the Zuny bookends, and if so have you found a hippo? In store or online? ANYWHERE? Can anyone help in the search? I know that our Mommy-to-be would be beyond happy if I could deliver one at the baby shower in a few weeks time! Thanks for any help or advice you may be able to offer!

*UPDATE*: I'd received a comment (which won't appear) from Kristine, letting me know that CB2 had the Zuny Hippo paper weight... and also that they will ship to Canada! It's pretty close to the bookend, and also cute... so my request for international shipping has been submitted and I will keep you posted! Thanks again friends... and thanks to the mysterious Kristine! Appreciate your help!

*UPDATE #2*: I heard back from CB2... and it's going to cost almost $20 to ship, and take 2 weeks to get here. It would probably cost me less to drive across the border and get it. I also do not have 2 weeks. Do I give up?


  1. I'll keep my eye out next time I'm in chapters... good luck!!

  2. How much did it cost? Would you consider buying online?

  3. Most of the bookends at Chapters are $28.

    If I could find it quickly I would definitely buy it online - unfortunately I haven't come across it anywhere!

  4. The ones I see online are all in Australia and EXPENSIVE! I'll keep looking.

  5. Thanks Janice! Those are the only one's I have come across as well... I don't even want to think about how much they would be after shipping! I don't know why they are so hard to come across....

  6. I haven't seen Mr Hippo at Yonge & Eg Indigo this summer...happy hunting!

  7. They have the Zuny hippo available at CB2. They ship to Canada but you have to email them to get an estimate on the cost of shipping/taxes/duties.

    Hope that helps.

  8. I'll take a look in my local Chapters this week. I will let you know if I find anything :)

  9. I'm sorry I can't be of more help this time Kerry! Good luck!


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