Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beautiful Buys!

So, recently B and I have done some shopping. Yup... shopping, even though I feel the need to purge a lot (read all) of the rooms in our tiny home. Slowly but surely I'm working on it... believe me! I just wanted to share a few of our great buys...

I've been searching for the perfect white cake stand for ages! Well, last Thursday we popped over to Home Sense in search of new pillows for our bed. Even though I promised we were only going to look at pillows, I got completely side tracked while B was looking for coffee (he clearly broke my promise first!). I love the Home Sense near us largely for the fact that a whole portion of it is devoted to white kitchenwares! JOY! I happened upon this cake stand and immediately knew I had to bring it home or I would kick myself later. I love the texture on the top of it, and the wood pedestal was the best part. Now to do some baking so I can display something pretty on it!!

So I didn't completely lie on that trip to Home Sense... and we did look at pillows! We didn't bring any home for our bed, but we did bring these home for the day bed that currently resides in the basement! For a while we were resorting to using the cushions from the back of the couch upstairs. B and I both liked these as soon as we saw them for $12.99 each. When B suggested we grab "a dozen" for the basment, I showed some restraint and said that two would be fine and we could build with others from there. These, along with my chevron throw have definitely set the tone for the decor in the basement!

Okay - so the new pillows for our bed are nothing exciting to look at, so I won't bore you with pictures! They are, however, absolutely dreamy to lay your head on at night! Before we both had "Magic Gel Pillows" which were picked up from Linens 'N' Things, back when they actually existed. They weren't quite doing the best job anymore, and we knew we wanted to find something similar. We happened upon some pillows, that are equally as wonderful, in Home Outfitters, during our same Thursday night outting. We decided on Home Studio's Down Alternative Pillows with Firm support, and boy do we love them. At $30 each, we both consider them a great investment for a good night's sleep!

How about the rest of you, pick up anything fancy and fun recently? Started any shopping for the impending fall season?


  1. Love that cake stand!! Nope, no home shopping for me lately. But I did buy some Fall clothes from H&M for Keaton yesterday, which is fun in itself!

  2. I love that Fall is in the air...

    I LOVE PURGING...almost as much as I love SHOPPING (maybe more...especially purging my DH's stuff)...I give away something to someone pretty much every time I have a guest over..."Oh you like it? Take it PLEASE"...

    Cute cake stand and pillows...those would have been hard to leave behind!

  3. I love that cake stand!! great find! I swear Home Sense can be a black hole for my wallet sometimes, but oh-so good!!

  4. Cute buys!!

    I went on a massive non-home related shopping spree last weekend in the States. They have SUCH great deals there!

    Bought a pair of fall boots. I love fall. Jeans, sweaters, boots. Sigh.

  5. Love the cake stand!! great picks!

  6. that cake stand is fab girly~! what a fun buy--the pillows are great too!

  7. Love those striped pillows! We sleep on tempurpedic pillow and they are quite lovely to sleep on, although ugly. ha


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