Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Fireplace Dilemma

As you know, we've been renovating our basement. You probably also know that I've been pretty slow to share any more progress. WELL, that would be because there has been very minimal progress since my last post. We're at a bit of a standstill. For one, I think we're still a little burnt out from that week that we went full force and accomplished a lot last month. We're also just giving our bank account a bit of a rest. 

Now, I think we're just about ready to get back at it, but the one thing we're a little caught on, is what we want to do with around the gas fireplace that B purchased to keep our basement toasty. Right now it currently looks like this...

I love that it looks like a wood burning stove, but I want to do something rather than just have it stand on some tiles.

Though we are pretty sure we'll use some sort of tile on the ground (or maybe a nice concrete slab like the one B poured for our shower bench), we're trying to decide what to do on that wall behind the fireplace.

My first thought was to get some lovely stacked stone veneer and run it up the wall behind the fireplace. I'm leaning more towards a white or ivory. Something that would bring some texture and interest to the room, and act as a focal point.

The other thing that we have considered (and is in the lead as it's the most cost effective) would be to purchase or build a wood mantel to frame around the fireplace. Kind of like this...

My only concern with the last option, is because the gas fireplace that we bought is so wide, I'm afraid that the mantel would just sit behind it, rather than really frame it in. We also need to be sure to be safe, and do it right if we do decide to move ahead with this mantel idea. If we do it properly though, I think that it could turn into a really great focal point in the room and make it look really cozy.

I'm interested in what other people think though? How would you tackle the wood burning stove? Do you like one of the two options I'm considering, or would you go for something completely different?


  1. I would leave it unframed and do the stacked stone veneer. You could put down a couple of floor pillows down and make a cozy little lounge area. Bear skin rug optional ;)

  2. I'm going to have to go with the frame and mantle. I feel like it has such a great spot for it there on the wall and it would turn into a little warm nook if you framed it out. Just my opinion though!

  3. I like the framed version you posted first - kind of a big rustic slab of wood on top.

  4. Yes, yes. the rustic slab mantle. Perfect! You could even do the stone still. Best of both options.

  5. oooh that is a tough one! i don't think you can go wrong. I am loving the thick white mantle~ i am sure it will look fabulous whatever you decide!

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  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think we're both leaning towards the idea of building a mantel around it... I guess only time will tell (hopefully it'll be done before the cold weather hits!)


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