Friday, August 27, 2010

Fancy Friday Love

It's Friday once again, and once again my weekend will not be lacking in excitement! I'm looking forward to it... as well as sharing my fancy finds from the past week...

Did you see Michelle's guest bathroom reveal over at Three Men and a Lady this week?

This is just a little look. I picked this shot because I love what she did with the ceiling. Go on over and check out the rest of the reveal on her blog if you haven't already!

I have some sort of sickness, and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of fall. It's funny, because I'm sure once it arrives, I will once again long for warm summer days. Regardless, I'm very much wanting one of these large cowls in charcoal grey...

The first one is called the tok thermal from ozetta, and the second is the Incognito chunky knit cowl by Happiknits. I'm not picky at all... and will take either. Actually, I am considering buying one, but I'm so torn I don't know which one I love more! What do you think?

The collection of wallpaper from Oh Joy!, along with Hygge & West was launched this past week, and boy is it gorgeous! Particularly love this one (fitting for my love of that F season that is quickly approaching)...

It's called 'Lovely Leaves' and is done in White and Copper. GORGEOUS! You can check out the rest of the fabulous line and purchase right here.

You HAVE to head on over to Oh So Beautiful Paper, to check out the story behind these awesome and creative wedding invites. They look beautiful, but how these pulp novel invites were created is even more interesting. LOVE them!

Whatever the reason, I've been on a huge Etsy kick recently. Of course, I've always loved it - but recently I've just been scouring it more than usual. In one of my many moments of searching among the shops... I found the perfect alarm clock for our master bedroom re-do (um, yes... it is underway ACTAULLY!... kind of)

I could share the link to the shop - but price is keeping me from committing to the purchase. Of course, I haven't found it anywhere else, so I am sure it will happen... and at that time I will share the link to the incredible little shop. (I'm just too scared someone else will scoop it up before I do!)

Love Kate Spade's Jewelbox Embellished Paulina Cardigan in Chartreuse. With those bright pops of colour in the jewels I think it's the perfect way to brighten up a fall outfit.

Banana Republic now ships within Canada. (Insert joke about us catching up with the rest of the world... kind of, considering they only just started shipping within the UK as well). Regardless... THANK THE LORD! Now if we could just get J. Crew to OPEN A STORE HERE... please and thank you. 

Seriously... what a week it's been! We're looking forward to our weekend! My brother's engagement party is tomorrow, and Sunday we have an afternoon meeting I'm looking forward to, followed by another of our Sunday softball games! I hope you all have a lovely weekend... and I'll catch you on the other end!


  1. I just checked out those wedding invitations! First of all, I love them! Second of all, how the heck long would it take to make all of those and third, I love that whole blog so I am now a follower! Thanks Kerry and have a great weekend celebrating, meeting and playing ball!

  2. Shannon - I know, it must've taken AGES to make those invites... and there is no way you could have a huge wedding if you asked someone to make those for you... but they are gorgeous!

    It's a really incredible blog and I'm glad you enjoy it too! Hope you have a great weekend also!

  3. I'm with you on j.crew... come'on already!!
    Have a great weekend!
    :) Christine

  4. LOOVED Michelle's bathroom reveal! She did such a good job... I really want that mirror... and the yellow picture frame!

    I'm big into scarves in the fall... never even tried on a cowl.. maybe I should?? I like the second one...

    I second the need for a J. Crew!

    Have a good weekend too! Party, Meet & Play!

  5. I bought the tok thermal! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    someone else must have bought it too because I needed to wait for her to relist it! I sent her the link to your blog!

    Happy Friday!!

  6. wow--that bathroom is fabulous! also love cowls, and i am with ya on j-crew~ Have a wonderful weekend girly~


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