Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paint it Blue

Once this past weekend was upon me, I was thankful to a little bit of time to get work done around the house. Today's post is just about a little project I made time for on the side.

Saturday afternoon, as B was working away with a contractor friend on getting our multi-zone heat pump installed, I was craving creativity. In an effort to avoid studying for my midterm I began my search for something to beautify in our little house. That was when I stumbled across this old photo box that we currently use to store extra cords and game system controllers:

I must say... gold cherubs don't really make up my idea of "style"! Thus began my mission. I figured since I had some of the yellow and blue spray paint left over from my patio set transformation, I would put it to use. 

Initially, I thought it would be a great idea to go with the yellow since our living room in predominately grey, black and white, and I knew we needed a  littlecolour pop. However, after getting a coat of yellow on the box, I discovered it was not to be. The yellow wasn't going to cover those cherubs. So onto blue it was...

After getting the paint on, I let it all dry out in the garage over night and Sunday morning brought it back in and put all of our cords back in. 

It's nothing exciting, but a small change that I am happy with. I have an identical box on the bottom shelf of the same bookcase that I plan on giving the same facelift too. I'm just happy that I was able to take this storage and continue to utilize it in our home. 

Have you been able to take an old storage container of some sort in your home and give it new life?

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