Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fabric Fun

The absolute best part about the course I am taking at the moment (Residential Materials), has to be all of the beautiful fabrics I have had a chance to find, collect and use. From the smallest swatches to some of the bigger pieces, I'm in love with every fabric I've laid my hands on. Since most are being used for school projects, I thought it was only fair to share these beautiful fabrics with all of my lovely readers, so let's see what I've been up to... shall we?

Sunshiny Yellow's

I figure I'll start off, with the least exciting of my fabric choices, that resulted in a little project I am thrilled over!

For my very first project, textile application, I came across some gorgeous yellows. After purchasing 10cm of each, and using them for my assignment, I was left with some extra and knew it would be a shame to hide them away.

So, after being inspired by all of the photos of beautiful pennant banners (including this adorable one Lindsay's whipped up for her darling Oscar's nursery), I knew what I wanted to do. This past Sunday, I pulled out my fabric, some sharp scissors, a ruler and this fun twine that B had in the garage, and got to work.

I measured my first pennant to be 5 inch's long and 4 inch's wide, cut it out and then used it as a template to trace the remainder of my little flags. I made five of each, and then made a few small cuts at the top of each pennant to allow me to string my pennants. It only took me about half an hour from start to finish, and I think our little pennants look summery and sunny in our front entry.

Even B commented on them looking good, which made me happy. Who knew B could form an opinion on pennants!?

Fun Florals

Last week while I was sourcing fabric for my final project, I stumbled across these three fabrics. 

I didn't know right away what I would be using them for, but I knew they were substantial sized samples that were FREE (yes, FREE!!) and I loved them... so they were coming home with me. Since then, I've found a use for the blue floral, and have started to come up with some potential places for the other two. I can't wait to use them in our house. Aren't they gorgeous?

Final Project Fabrics

Earlier this week, another trip commenced to find fabrics for my final project (which is now due is less than a week... oops!). These were the first four that I was drawn too...

I am certain that I will use the floral and geometric fabrics, but I'm still trying to come up with all my final choices. I'm so in love with the big floral print which is what originally grabbed my attention. This is one project that I will most definitely be sharing with you all once I wrap it up.

Only a few more classes left for this girl, and my first course of my part-time program will be done. I may do a course wrap-up, or just a final project post... or maybe if I feel ambitious, I'll do both. Either way, right now I'm focusing on surviving this final week before I have the chance to sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer (a.k.a get busy with finishing up this basement reno!)


  1. What part-time program are you taking and where??

  2. I'm enrolled in the Interior Decorating Program at Humber College! It's 7 courses that you have to complete in at least three years. I'm aiming for 2.5!

  3. Thanks for letting me know Kerry. I am thinking of taking some courses. Would you recommend it??

  4. So far, with this first course coming to a wrap, I would. Even for my own personal knowledge, I've started to kind of rethink how I want to handle other rooms in the house as we continue renos. I'm looking forward to the other classes that are coming as well! Let me know if you decide to go with it!


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