Friday, June 11, 2010

Fancy Friday Love

Back again with another Fancy Friday Love! It's been so long since I've shared beautiful things that I've found! Now that I'm trying to stay on top of my blogging, I thought it was the perfect week to get back into it! Here are just a few things that I found, and loved, this week!:

This lovely print was sent to me by the wonderfully brilliant Brittany over at My. Daily. Randomness. She is also the talented designer behind this print that I shared a while ago, that now hangs in our guest room.

It's adorable, and I know exactly where I plan to hang it! (Just give me a bit of time before I can actually share it in it's proper place!)

Moving on into the tasty department, I picked up these tasty treats at our Organic Grocery store! They are cranberry, hazelnut crackers, and adelicious, light snack for when I'm sitting at my desk at work...

They are delicious, and apparently commonly used to replace crostini's for hors d’oeuvres. They have a bunch of other varieties that I would love to try - especially the cinnamon raisin! Yum! Check out the company's website here.

I am head over heels in love with this Mountain Home designed by the Mother Daughter team of m. elle design. I've seen photos of this talented trio's work in quite a lot of places recently, and it's very deserving! Found this home featured on Desire to Inspire this past week. Go here to check out all of the gorgeous interior photos! (I'm packed and ready to move... when do we go?)

I must say, it's been a pretty crazy week - so it's a short post... but you can expect my lists to grow in the future! Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Oh those are my favourite crackers ...mmmmmmm. Enjoy the weekend!


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